Hi there.

SO, let’s give this one more go!

I’ve begun 2 other blogs, once on WordPress, and once on Blogger, and it didn’t really feel easy and comfortable.

So now I’m here on Tumblr, where I’m most comfortable, and hopefully it will stick!

I’m more about simplicity and easily uploading whatever I want! Felt like I had to always perfect and post via a computer on WordPress and Blogger, now it’s easier to post via mobile on Tumblr. The Tumblr app could use a little help, but as far as quick posts, it’s fairly easy.

And when I need to do longer posts, my trusty Stevie (my laptop) is here to help!

Okay, I guess here goes my first story: I call my laptop Stevie, because that is the nickname of the captain of my favorite football team. I am a Liverpool FC fan! w00t, go Reds! YNWA. Steven Gerrard is an excellent player, has had an amazing career, and still going.

Okay, going to transfer a bunch of stuff and here goes!


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