Listen: AJ Rice

This album is pretty slick.

First off, go to

You can listen to the entire album there, or you can download directly from there for free or name your own price.

The track I’m obsessed with right now is called “Villains in the Night” and is just sooo good. According to my guy, there’s a sample from the film Aliens in there so that’s cool too, but it’s just an awesome vibe. My other favorite and the first I listened to was Ghosts…

The album was released on July 3rd, so it’s fairly new. And I found it through my newest favorite blog: Indie Shuffle

I’m a sucker for some slick hip hop downtempo instrumentals, and this guy hits it on the head. I’m also a sucker for awesomely integrated vocals with reverb all over it, and different tones. Song has a consistent chill head banger drum beat that will make your night time ride through the city or back home a relaxing one.

I recommend downloading of course, and listening to it straight through. You’ll hear that some songs are more downtempo, others are more ambient, but they all have a twang of r&b and hip hop. Snares here and there and all over the place, samples you’ve heard before but done better, and my favorite: awesome slowed-down outros.

AJ Rice, has produced for Lil B, and others, according to his Twitter and soundcloud. He seems like a modern guy with an awesome taste in stuff that I like. Fine by me.

Here’s the whole album, listen to it repeatedly, put it on when you making love to your loved one, or yourself, I don’t judge.


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