Finance – Switching to a credit union

Been thinking for a long while to switch to a credit union. As a student, I can’t take all these fees, I need every penny that I work for and get from my student loans. I have been with Wells Fargo and my negativity over them has grown over the past 4 years or so. I have been doing research for a bit now, and have come to the conclusion that SF Fire Credit Union will be my top pick. Luckily there is a branch very close by where I live, work, go to school, and that makes me feel a lot better. As much as I love the web and prefer to do things online, it makes me feel better that I can speak to an actual person about my financial issues without them judging me. All I need is a simple place to store my money.

From the research I’ve found, here are the perks I’ve come across:

  • Free checking, no minimum ANYTHINGS.
  • Can use any atm for cash withdrawals, and SFFCU will automatically refund those. (Some places state this is only allowed 12 times a month, but I won’t need that many. I prefer not to have too much cash on hand cause then I’ll spend it!)
  • Able to use your account globally, no fees!
  • Everyone raves about their excellent customer service.
  • Free online bill-pay that has positive experience reviews.
  • Low rates on loans and credit cards.
  • They genuinely want to help you organize your finances.
  • Free cashier checks.

The only bummer is, I just ordered a box of checks from Wells Fargo! But that shouldn’t hold me back.

Will go into the branch today, talk with someone. I want them to convince me. And if possible, I could have a new bank by tomorrow!

It’s also payday tomorrow. B)


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