Listen: RÜFÜS

I’m just smiling so hard at how much I like these guys. Australian pop funky groovin group who make awesome dance worthy, jivin music. Mix of chill out vocals, lots of echo and just super fun dance mixes. I found them again on and fell in love. It was a bit after I went to Coachella so I was still in party mode. You can find me listening to all of their tracks on Soundcloud while at work.

I’ve never enjoyed an indie-dance group so much. Their RÜFÜS EP is super stellar in that, yes every track has some dance vibes to it, but they are all still very unique. You can’t help but bounce to EVERY track. Their music is good to put on when you’re in party mode, need something melodic, and if you really like Australians. You can’t really tell by the vocals, but you know Australians love to have a good time and these guys definitely do! They recently toured with Van She, which I’m bummed I missed!

Here are some tracks for y’all.

My favorite single track of theirs. I’m a sucker for AWESOME slowed down outros, but this INTRO is it. That twang of that guitar, so dreamy and groovy, gets me every time. I just really love their vocals in general, easy to sing along to and never annoying.

Here is my favorite remix they’ve done.

Download download, talk to them on Facebook, listen, and wait for them to blow up. I really see a future for these guys, pretty surprised they aren’t magnificently huge already. Euphoric indie dance has a new flavor, it’s RÜFÜS.



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