Where I’ll be this Friday night: Tropic Like It’s Hot @ Lupin Lodge

This is the party this weekend! Like I said, I usually average out to a show/music-related event every weekend. At least one.


This is at the Lupin Lodge in Santa Cruz area, out in the mountains. It is a forward thinking event at a relaxed location. Clothing optional! Unfortunately, I get cold so I’ll mostly be wearing clothes. (:

It’ll be a fun night out! It starts around 6pm going until 6am the next morning. There will be a total of TWENTY SEVEN SETS, including 2 awesome awesome headliners and local DJs from the entire Bay Area! I promise a lot of people and chill vibes.

It is an electronic music event, with all djs having their own style with one central theme: have a good time and enjoy what you hear.

Headlining are NastyNasty (SF bay area, Frite Nite, Planet Mu) and EPROM (SF, Frite Nite, and more). Both are bass enthusiasts, with sounds that will blow ya mind outta the water. I found both of them around 2009, and have yet to see both since I’ve moved here to San Francisco. NastyNasty is known for his charisma and party style. He will put on a good show. Look out for his awesome facial hair. EPROM seems like one of the chill guys with headphones on all the time, one who isn’t a pretentious quill. He’s released on a variety of domestic and intl. labels. Both have their unique bass style that I will let you know more about once I’ve seen them live.

NastyNasty: http://soundcloud.com/jaspey

Here are some tracks from the guy. Listen to the music, and you’ll discover it for yourself. It’s a huge blend of bass-heavy glitch, some hip hop and r&b, bunch of experimental broken blending of tweaked vocals, and just some awesome electronic rhythm that I can’t quite explain. Be prepared to watch his hands fly all over the place make sounds with his equipment. Also, be prepared for your neck to hurt the next day.

Here’s an article in XLR8R Mag that led me to NastyNasty (before I found out he was Bit128 formerly!) You can listen to my favorite track (that apparently he is sick of) “No Names”. http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2009/10/no-names

EPROM: http://soundcloud.com/eprom

EPROM is such a talent. Mindlessly blending some incredible vocals that are all reverbed out, with some fantastic glitch hop that will take some getting used to, but an instant hit. Do you dig? I can’t bring myself to say much more other than listen to everything, download what you can (links below) and party hard my friends.

Here’s his “Bay Area EP”. 

His latest release is “Metahuman”, which you can find here. Excellent piece of work.

And now, for one of my favorites. Here is “Humanoid” which I hope you recognize as the intro to Lazersword’s Sweatpants Money mixtape. Please tell me you do. Bass can’t get lower than this. Get funky ladies.

Throwing the party is Blockhead Entertainment. A pretty chill duo who like to have a good time; they also make their own tuneage and will have their own respective sets at Tropic. Heehee, I’ll cheat a little. I’m dating the brother of one-half of Blockhead Ent. I know the guys personally and they know a thing or two about music, and most importantly, enjoy enjoying music with others.

Be sure to listen to these guys and thank them for throwing a good party!
A-Fox: http://soundcloud.com/A_Fox
Young Link: http://soundcloud.com/djyounglink

Here you go again, event link! Remember to bring your ID (it is 18+ with a full bar), carpool!!! (3 or more in a car = free parking, aka, if someone arrived earlier than you, have them run back to the entrance and join you!). It gets pretty cold in the mountains late at night so bring layers. Don’t bring anything you shouldn’t. There is a full bar and food. Forget your worries and come have fun! I’ll be there. (;



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