Ana Sia, Laura Low, Epcot @Mighty in SF

As promised, here’s the preview. Still looking for something to do in the city tonight??

Head on over to Mighty for some good drinks, a hip vibe and some awesome glitch hop.

I’ve seen Ana Sia before, opening for The Glitch Mob at the Regency. Super into it, she loves what she does. The music is a little different, but definitely what I call modern groovy. Or just plain groovy. Your head will bounce, your shoulders and body will move. Slick hip hop beats and intense glitchy electronic will likely make your head turn. Laura Low is among the same lines, dance-y-ier if that’s possible. Epcot is a super cool guy of the likes. These DJs proudly play sounds that are characterized as west coast—deep bass, low glitches, high glitches, eclectic zoom-like sounds that will have you moving to the dancefloor. All sound futuristic with a fantastic r&b and hip hop vibe that will have you wanting more.


Here’s some Ana Sia



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