Today’s Linkage: July 26, 2012

Here are some things I came across today during my first hour of being at work.

1. I’m always interested art that uses machinery pieces. I’m a sucker for it. I love innovation of things that exist for technical purposes but used in art. So, I do read and follow Huffington Post, and I know they may be misleading at times and have rush-written articles, but they get topics and ideas across. So when they post about this art gallery called “Steampunkinetics”, I was intrigued. One of their better written articles explains this gallery that uses machinery pieces primarily to make steampunk inspired art.

2. I love a great jacket. Especially a moto jacket! I have one that I’ve “washed” about twice and have had it for 2 years and I love it. But I figure it’s time for a new one. My go to store for college-budget-friendly staples is H&M. Here is a great great deal. A waxed denim jacket in a biker style, fit with reinforced shoulder panels and zip pockets. Looks like a great quality item, without the undesirable perspiration inducing faux leather. Great to throw over a top or dress without being too heavy, so you don’t have to take it off in the office, classroom, or coffee shop. H&M – $39.95.

3. So, I recently got a touch screen smartphone with awesome internet and a great screen. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze and it does all it needs to. I was shooting for the HTC One S or the Samsung Galaxy S III, but I figured I don’t need to spend a lot for the latest and greatest. Just a good camera, good UI, removable batteries and removable memory. That being said, I’ve been on the lookout for the best apps and experimenting with them. Today while going through the Tech feed from HuffPost, I cam across Techcrunch’s post about the new upgrade to the personal social media app called Path. I had just learned about it from the article and it seems interesting. Main features are posting like Facebook and Instagram, but without all the annoying game app invites and the like. It is supposed to revolve around “your closest friends and family”. I will give it a go, but it will be hard to move people from FB and Instagram; too many apps will make things confusing! But the good points: amazing UI (user interface), it is absolutely gorgeous, and it connects with contacts from Facebook, Instagram and your personal email contacts. The upgrade includes: users are allowed to include which books they are reading and movies they are watching, better bigger high quality pictures and videos, and a ‘Nudge’ feature, much like a FB ‘Poke’ that will help promote users to share and post. We’ll see how far along thing app lasts, I wish it the best of luck!

4. Being a resident in San Francisco, with supposedly the highest average rent in the U.S., I really should pay attention more to what’s going on in city government, commerce, and finance. Here’s a link to an SF Gate article about Mayor Ed Lee’s agreement for the whopping 14.9 billion dollar budget for the next 2 years.

5. For you film and trailer junkies, here’s a link from the Flavorwire blog by one of my favorite culture websites, Flavorpill. “See What a Trailer for ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ Might Look Like in 2012”

6. Yay for more San Francisco promotion! I have been a life long magazine lover, I still subscribe to quite a few, and here is a great LivingSocial deal to my favorite SF-culture mag, 7×7.

7. So this isn’t really a current link, but just something I was researching. After tasting some awesome awesome beer at this awesome awesome market, restaurant and bar in Murphy’s (an hour past Stockton), which is a super quaint cute town filled with yummy yummy yummy food and drinks, called Alchemy, my guy’s mother turned me onto sour beers! No, not beers gone bad, but actual beer that has yeast infused in it to make it tart. I’ve only really tasted a few, and have just begun my research in beer in general, and this particular beer I’ve found in a brewery in the North Bay area seems just my cup of tea (or beer, I guess). Here is the barrel aged beer called “Consecration”. With a gorgeous 10% ABV percentage, this beer is aged in Cab Sauv barrels! It is from the Russian River Brewing Company.

8. I really love the culture behind Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Mostly, the art related to it. Anything skull related I’m on it (which reminds me of another post that I should make where this artist creates skulls from machinery…). No one really is a big fan of wallpaper, but when I saw this, I immediately wanted to find somewhere to put it! Here’s a link to a Dangerous Mind’s article on Day of the Dead wallpaper, that is incredibly chic and stylish.

9. Here’s another one from TechCrunch. A food subscription service of gourmet meals, where basically all you have to do is add water! I’m a firm believer in cooking and prepping as much food yourself as possible, but I understand we all have our lazy days. Now, this service is for someone who wants a little more than takeout. It’s called Pop-Up Pantry, where dishes are created by gourmet chefs that are delivered nation-wide. Article here.

10. I love contests! I love music! I love festivals! Now, having only been to Coachella for the first time this past April, I am in love with the scene, and always have been. Honestly, I would prefer to only go to Decibel,  Lightning in a Bottle, Sónar, and Burning Man, over any of the other festivals, but there’s so many, what’s not to love about all of them? I can’t wait for the time when I can fit in as many as I can. There are still quite a few going, and here’a contest to win 2 tickets to Hard Summer in L.A. Hurry, deadline is tomorrow, July 27 at 5pm.

11. I’m a huge sports fan, particularly baseball. So the first thing my guy links me this morning is this article on the brutal Blue Jays loss to the A’s, focusing on catcher Jeff Mathis pitching the last inning. This was a completely ludicrous concept to me, and being a Angels fan because I grew up in the area (yes, I love the Giants too, they’re such an easy team to love and I love living in San Francisco), it was funny to see an former Halo actually  PITCHING.

12. PUPPY LIVE CAM. Yes, PUPPY LIVE CAM! These are puppies to be trained as service dogs. OH MY GOD.

And as a side note, I was being self-interested and looked up my birthday on Wikipedia, just the date, September 30. I have the same birth day as Tony Hale!!!  Tony is the actor who portrays Buster on Arrested Development! I recently fell in love with that show.



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