Ramblings – July 31, 2012

Hey all! Been another relaxing 4-day weekend for me. But, now I’m at work and bored out of my mind. I am doing work, I promise, but also perusing the Internet pretty well. And I hope you do know that perusing means “read carefully” rather than “skim”, which is what most people tend to think.

So I’ve accomplished quite a few things today! First of all, my list of blog posts I aim to finish today:

  1. Maybe a short rant about baseball. I know a thing or two about baseball. Not much, I’m still learning about statistics and skill levels, but I’ll share what I’ve learned as of late because its the end of the non-waiver trade deadline.
  2. A post about the series The Newsroom. I’ve found that I really like this show! Watched the entire season so far yesterday, and I thoroughly enjoy it.
  3. Today’s Linkage post
  4. Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter! My favorite HP/JKR related articles of today.
  5. Preview on the 2 events I’m interested in on this coming Friday night, dirtybird quarterly and Scuba @ Public Works. Although, I’m going to end up at a friend’s bonfire that night. (:
  6. Preview on The Flashbulb concert this coming Saturday

Not too shabby for a day’s worth of posts.

Here are the rest of the things I accomplished today.

Found out that my MUNI fare evasion ticket was only $105 versus the $205 that I thought it was. So that will be more easily covered. RELIEF. I filled out the form to register to vote and will have that mailed in asap! I managed to walk through and out of the school bookstore without buying anything cause there was sooo much stuff on sale. Renewed my ELLE subscription for only $5! ALERT ALERT Amazon has a sale that ends today where select magazine subscriptions are 50% off. Wrote a check to pay off pharmacy fees for hydro-cortisone cause of stupid stupid mosquito bites.

I also have to organize and make multiple option schedules for the classes I will be registering for next Tuesday. I figure I’m only going to take 4 full classes and a one unit math supplement. I will be taking longer probably in school, but oh well, if it gives me more of a chance to relax and work smarter on my studies, then so be it. I’ve always taken more than I could handle; always figured that since I’m paying for it, might as well make the most of it, but it got out of hand. I tried to do too much at once. I had a job that was a two hour commute round trip, took six classes each semester, tried to have a social life, and have an awesome relationship with a pretty cool guy. I was trying to balance too many things and ended up slacking on my studies. I’m a pretty relaxed person in general so I hated cramming and hated rushing. That’s not the plan anymore. Thankfully, I was able to find a job on campus that is subliminally rewarding and simple, on a computer, and managed to refocus my educational path. I’m still a little uneasy and weary of where exactly I want to head after this, but I’ve realized and convinced myself that taking it slow will be helpful in the long run. I will have a chance to weigh out my options (like a true Libra) and work harder than I ever have before for what I want. I know it seems like taking only one or two less classes isn’t much, but it will be. I will need to spend more of my concentration on my classes, but I won’t be commuting 2hrs 4-5 days a week anymore, and my guy will support me in staying focused. I also have this cool blog to run and helping to run the website for a campus club I am a part of: SFSU FNA (Fashion Network Association). Getting back to the point, I’m still taking core classes! Augh. There were a few classes in my previous semesters I probably shouldn’t have taken just because they weren’t what I needed, but I don’t regret it too much. Just going to have to deal with the long road ahead. It looks like I’ll be taking two classes online and two classes in the usual lecture and/or workshop method. Which is fine by me. I do want to fit in time for exercise and relaxing and continuing my reading binge and fashion studying. I know, I’ve still got a lot on my plate, but hopefully I can do it right this time.

Back to this weekend. It was a relaxing one. Got to see some friends from high school on Thursday night and Saturday. Such a pleasure. It’s been pretty hard to make good friends here at a commuter school, so it was extra special to see good friends from back “home”. And a mostly baseball filled weekend. My guy and I took to the batting cages, I was a lot better than I expected to be. My forearm was pretty sore from the shock of having hit several baseballs pretty well. Bunch of trade deals in baseball this weekend too, which I will cover in a later post. Crazy scoring too. Went to a small house-warming get together which was nice, just chill out with some friends. Sunday was such a pleasure, had dinner with some of my guy’s relatives. So fun being around family type people. (:

Okay, well, I guess that was more of a journal post than a blog post, but that’s okay. I hope you’re looking forward to some more posts.

Also! This new book I am reading, Isn’t It Pretty to Think So? by Nick Miller is pretty excellent so far. I like his casual contemporary writing style, and it is very current. I’ve only gotten through the first 15 pages or so, so it’s a work in progress, but claps to this man on his first published novel! Here’s a link to the Amazon page.



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