Today’s Linkage – July 31, 2012

Here’s what I perused today.

  1. A little tidbit and a link referring a post in the New Yorker recently publishing a previously unpublished short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald found on Flavorwire. For those who enjoy a couple breaths of a cigarette. Short and somewhat melancholy, just the way I like literature. Link here.
  2. “Alex Doonesbury will succeed her father as the main character in Doonesbury from The Mary Sue.
  3. Insightful short interview on Refinery29 with Dominique Moceanu, a ’96 Olympic gymnast, on the information in her memoir and the more brutal side of gymnastic competition. Really enjoyed this. Gymnastics are always a favorite of mine in the Olympics.
  4. And of course, Vanity Fair’s 2012 International Best Dressed List was released today. Excellent round up.

Short list even though there are loads of articles out today, but some of my favorites are the Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling articles which will be in another blog post.



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