Super easy smoothie mix!

So, I’ve decided to get into a routine to make smoothies at home! I absolutely love yummy drinks, and as much as I love water, I have been working really hard to get away from gross gross soda since I’ve left my job at the movie theatre in April. I have made a commitment to buy fresh fruits a lot more often and have been doing pretty well, so here’s a great recipe for those who want to use their fruits efficiently before they go bad!

3-5 servings (about a cup each) of fruit a day is awesome, but mixing it up, literally, helps accomplish it and change it up!



one banana (the more ripe, the better!)
a cup of strawberries (i had about 7 little ones that were a bit overripe, perfect!)
4 tablespoons of lowfat yogurt (i used vanilla, but plain works too, and if you’re into greek yogurt, use that! super healthy and yummy)
1 cup of trader joe’s spiced apple cider
1 tablespoon of peanut butter (i like trader joe’s unsalted crunchy)
6-7 ice cubes


Use a blender! Make sure you have the cover.
Throw in the ice cubes and the spiced apple cider, blend on crush ice, stop after about 10-12 seconds
Throw in strawberries, yogurt, and the banana in chunks, blend on a low speed for about 15 seconds
Add peanut butter, blend again on low speed for another 15 seconds.

This will be more liquid-y. If you prefer thicker, use less cider and more yogurt and ice cubes.

Makes 3 cups, enough for 2 glasses worth.



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