Today’s reason to work out: Because you deserve it!

I know I deserve this time to work on myself, to get rid of the boringness of work today, to spend some time on just me and my body.

Going to run 2 miles and do this workout routine on my resistance band:

12-16 lb resistance band

10-12 reps, 3 total sets

(this first part is from Women’s Health)

1. curtsy lunge and sword draw.

2. seated row

3. pushup w/ resistance

4. frog push

30 sec rest

(my own favorite exercises to do)

5. standing row (i wrap the band around a sturdy and strong staircase banister)

6. press from behind (like the row, but turn your body around and lean forward more, feet back behind you)

7. 2 sets of 25 curls

8. squat while stretching band above you – 15 squats

30 sec rest

repeat from top 2 more times

Keep going! You deserve this!


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