Today’s Linkage: 08.16.2012

1. There’s some busty girls in the world. I hope you’ve come across this great cartoonist who makes pretty awesome comics about both Busty Girl Problems and Busty Girl Perks. You should read these whether or not you’re “busty” and also whether or not you’re a “girl”. They are amusing nonetheless! (:

2. You might still be asking why I read Huffington Post, and I do agree some of the article writing isn’t the best, but they do get news topics across on a great span of events in culture. I have yet to experience Instagram’s latest update, Photo Maps, which is similar to Facebook’s photo locator map, displaying pictures you’ve tagged at places you’ve checked in at. Here’s the HuffPost article.

3. If you don’t follow or read The Thought Catalog yet, you should. Here’s a post from today, “10 Reasons Why People Hate 20-Somethings”. I thought 6 was funny, however irrelevant it is.

4. Here’s an article on Refinery29 on some really stylish picks from some chain stores you may not usually shop at. However, I think The Limited is one we should shop at, maybe for the 20 and 30 somethings, not quite yet. BUT nonetheless, there are some really awesome picks, I have my eye on the raglan varsity jacket from The Limited. Totally agree that more style sites and magazines should incorporate more cost-effective options for their readers, because everyone, and I mean everyone, enjoys mixing splurge worthy items with essential cost effective wardrobe staples. There are very few people who can afford to have several outfits worth at least $500 each!

5. Continuing on with American style, I truly think it is an American pastime to create fantastic looks with a variety of pieces! Mix simple and trustworthy $60 jeans with a great $5 tank, a great easy denim jacket that can range from $20 to $200 and some awesome shoes, and you’ve got an easy go to outfit every day. Yes, the inner and outer me is a stylist. I really have avoided Pintrest and Polyvore because I would get too addicted and distracted by it! But, here is a great image with a quote from an American brand we all love, J Crew, that was posted on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Facebook.

6. The Mary Sue has become one of my favorite sites as of late, and this article just helps it all, and helps the word. Why? Cause girls are awesome!! Especially young girls with stubborn minds and some fight in them! ESPECIALLY those out to change the world. This 8-year-old is out to stop human trafficking. All through raising funds from a lemonade stand. She says she’s here to make a stand. Whoa sh*t! Those are powerful words, my friend.

7. Another from The Mary Sue, Disney pulled the plug on another Henry Selick film. Seeing that I recently watched Coraline for the first time, I am truly bummed out!

8. If you’re looking for an event in San Francisco this Friday night to go to, head out to Public Works to see headliners Nosaj Thing and Mux Mool. Nosaj Thing is from LA on the AlphaPup label, and has to be one of my all time favorite producers. He makes airy, groovy dance worthy electronic hip hop. Truly enjoyable. Also pretty sentimental to me, I met my current main squeeze at one of his concerts back in late 2010. Enjoy.



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