City discovery… that’s it! That’s what I like to do.

I think I’ve found what I really want to do.

Help people discover cities.

I’ve always known this, but why did it take so long for me to realize this is the career path-idea that I want?

It’s so hard for me to focus on one thing–music, fashion, sports, art, culture, food and drink…

So why not incorporate it all?? What I want to do is tell people about awesome things to do, to help them get the most out of life. 

One of the biggest reasons I moved to San Francisco was because there was so much to do! Maybe I wasn’t able to go to bars or certain nightlife events, but still, there are art galleries, so much variety in food, sports that can be accessed by public transportation, music, so much to do and such a beautiful city to live in (if you forget the “occasional” fog). But since I’ve moved here and tried new things, I realized, I love telling people about my adventures, love hearing recommendations, and want people to try all that they can.

This is what I want. I decided I wanted to get into PR because I want to help promote awesome events and restaurants, just anything that will get people to get up and go out and enjoy their life by themselves, with family or friends, or meeting new people. Still not sure if PR is the “right” route to do this, but I feel I am much more than a promoter, I like telling people about things and planning things and really enjoying life.

So when I found out that two of my favorite sites, Flavorpill and Pinchit have internships where I can tell people about awesome things in San Francisco, it gave me a real push to really get on this. To increase my Yelp! reviews and to pay more attention to blogging about events. I am constantly scrolling through my Facebook feed and my Google Reader looking for awesome things to do, as well as event sites.

So! That being said, expect more posts that are San Francisco related. Even Los Angeles related, since I am from southern California. I would love to be able to do this for as many metro cities in the future, and for cities that I plan on living in. It’s exactly what I love! Libras love helping people, especially in ways that are sort of like mini-vacations. Trying a new restaurant or attending a great concert (no matter how big or small) is exactly like a mini-vacation to Libras. This is it!

Will eventually integrate my Yelp reviews, Pinchit recommendations, and anything else city-discovery related to this blog.

I know I will be mega busy with school starting next week, but this is exactly what I want.



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