My Fall 2012 semester has begun.

While I am waiting for traffic to slow on Reddit so I can write a post about my reaction to Obama’s IAmA, I’ll rant/vent a little about my semester so far.

Actually, rant/vent makes it sound negative. I’m pretty content with how the semester is going.

I’ve experienced 5 classes already, and will have a lecture to experience tomorrow.

I’m balancing technically 6 classes, working part-time, personal blog, participating in the campus Fashion Network Association, exercise, and sleep!

I’m taking:

MKTG 431, an intro marketing class all online. I am aiming for a marketing concentration in my B.S. in Business, so this is vital.

ISYS 363, a class on information systems for management. This actually has a lot to do with marketing and event planning, so I need this.

HUM 425, a humanities class on thought and image. We will be learning about photography and various religions through film and a few graphic novels.

HUM 375, a humanities class on the biography of Venice. I am excited about all my classes, YES I AM, but this will be really interesting because I like learning about Venice. I took a history class on it last semester, and it’s a highlight in my art history studies.

HIST 121, ge requirement for U.S. history post 1877. Good teacher.

and finally,

PLSI 276, a credit/no credit lecture class regarding the politics of the upcoming election. For the next 2 Thursdays, we’ll be watching live Romney’s and Obama’s speeches, and listening to guest lectures, and the rest of the semester would be basically listening to other lecturers. We will also be watching election night together too! Sounds awesome, I’m pretty excited to be really into this election. I was into the last election, but I just didn’t really understand how many of the issues affected my life. Now, I do. Which I will get more into in future posts, including the one I am doing in a bit about Obama’s IAmA on reddit.

All my classes have good teachers, so I’m pretty content with the workload. There is a lot a lot a lot of reading to be done and papers to write, but less final exams! Excitement.

I am also now the Website Chair for the club I’m a part of on campus, the Fashion Network Association. I’ll be doing some html work and just editing the site, along with posting on the blog. You can check all that out here.

This week, since there are department meetings on Friday and no school Monday cause of Labor Day, I will be working a full 20 hrs. I think after a couple weeks, or even next week, I’ll be downsizing to 16 hrs a week, just to have a little more time to study. I’ll miss the extra money, hello San Francisco minimum wage (okay, I make $11/hr, so a little more), but I will like the time to study and get a fantastic 4.0 this semester. Or at least try. I didn’t do so well the last few semesters so it’s crunch time, I need to pick it up! I need to learn to not waste my time since a) I’m already here and b) I’m paying for every cent of it!

Stack of stuff to read already which I will knuckle down on tonight and tomorrow before this awesome weekend ahead. Going to see The Field (live) at Mighty on Friday night, then driving straight to a nice Labor Day weekend in Tahoe with my guy and friends. Should be gorgeous out there, and maybe maybe skydiving?! Awesome experiences ahead. Unfortunately, both Purity Ring shows at Bottom of the Hill on Monday night are sold out…

Just blogging about me.


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