On President Obama’s IAmA on Reddit. FYI this is a long post.

About time I post a little about politics right? It is, after all, my blog, and I can post my views. I will try not to get too controversial, but I will support what I say, as far as my knowledge goes. Feel free to let me know your views, I am always up for learning new things and hearing other ideas and opinions.

NOTE: I do plan on blogging about all presidential candidates. But this blog post came before others because it was current, and I had some free time during work. I will be viewing the Romney speech tomorrow during a lecture class (don’t worry, it’s the main focus of the class) and will be taking extensive notes. Blog post about that will be up tomorrow eventually.

I’ll go through each of his responses and my view of his answer and how he answers questions/posts. There are links to each topic I am talking about!

First off, his intro.

Man, he does use the term folks quite a bit huh? I mean, he says it once in this paragraph, but I feel like he is someone who uses it a lot. I like it. I also respect his decision to go on Reddit to answer questions. And to address those dealing with Hurricane Isaac. Eh, his mobile pic and tweets pass for me, I’ll give everyone the benefit of the doubt and believe it’s him actually answering these questions. People need to not be so bewildered that he is taking the time to do this. Yes he is busy, but this is part of the campaign, if he is not trying to connect with the people in the country he is running, there is not point. Rallying can do so much. Going on the internet, the radio, anything else and answering questions with valid and strong points, particularly on how he plans and WILL fix certain things, is his best bet right now. He does not need to be spending ridiculous money, or trying to raise ridiculous campaign funds for someone to notice you. President Obama, you are already our president, raising money to get your name out there will not work. What will work is convincing people to trust you by your words and how you handle speaking with the common population, explaining thoroughly, honestly, and as on point as you can how you will fix issues and how you plan on doing them. His job is to listen to the American people and figure out what he can do within his term that appropriately demonstrates what we are asking for. It really is a big task to take on, but this is what it comes down to. Listening to us. And, here on reddit, he is. He is listening to personal messages and answering them.

I went into this IAmA expecting exactly what happened. Yes, some serious questions were asked, and many not so serious. And he played it just as he should have, answering the serious questions simple enough for the Internet, because we can’t expect him to make a full fledged speech, cause really who on Reddit reads that much? (Yes, pun slightly intended. Redditors read, but we usually are the tl;dr-ers of long articles and speeches.) I thoroughly appreciated his answers, although, you will see in the rest of this post what I really think in regards to each one.

Now, I don’t use Reddit all that often, so I was learning how to navigate the site as I was witnessing this IAmA. So I’m basing the rest on the comments I see on Obama’s overview page. From beginning to end.

On space

His answer was reasonable. I mean, what more can you let out besides a “a potential mission to a asteroid as a prelude to a manned Mars flight” (Obama)? This Q&A session is meant to be short and sweet, so at least a mention of a focus plan is what we all expect. No, he did not say he was or wasn’t going to increase funds, but rather that he wants to use funds to invest in research. Which is a start. Instead of just a simple yes, Obama decides to say, “Eh, yes and no. We want to use the money we have in a way that produces something. I can’t say yes, because that will make me need to go into extreme detail and could cause problematic discussion.” Stating a simple focus for research and a mission to an asteroid, information that we are assuming is from off the top of his head, suffices for now.


On internet freedom

Hm. Not much of an answer here. An extremely safe answer. Most would think that internet freedom is not as important as bringing home the troops, the U.S. and global economy, etc., most would disregard this as a vital issue on the Democratic Party’s platform. However, I believe it is an issue that should definitely remain current. The Internet is changing every day, and so are the people of America. President Obama addresses this fact. He does say that the platform will include this as a priority, which answers the question, ever so slightly. It is important to remember that the Internet will always be open to all, but the real issue is: are we in danger of the government taking away any rights? The government’s job is not to protect the Internet, their job is to ensure that we are protected when using the Internet, and that has to be to the most basic of standards. I don’t want to government telling me what is obscene and then preventing me from that, I want to government to ensure: that I will be able to use the Internet free of usage restrictions, that I am guaranteed access to most anything and everything, and that regulations that may be necessary do not take away any of my own rights. 



He’s a Bulls guy. He likes Jordan. Old school, Mr. President, cool. That’s sexy.


Helping small businesses, funds wise

Pretty good response I might say, in as much (or little) detail we need. He answers the question. He says specifically he wants to keep taxes low for those making less than $250,000 in income and hopefully easier ways to finance and export. We all hope this happens. He and his team just need to find the right way and the right people to help organize this, people who really do care about the amazing opportunity for entrepreneurship there is here in America.  There is so much help that can be utilized–technology, workers, markets–but the issue is that small businesses can’t access these because they are being controlled by those who have more funding. Resources and providers will stick with trusted businesses who will guarantee profits and loyalty. The government needs to invest in companies who are going to themselves invest in small businesses. Google has realized this on their own, and out of their own profits have created environments where small businesses can sprout and thrive. The government needs to implement bills that will not hurt small businesses if they are aiming to grow. Hopefully, there can be regulations that will not harm or interfere both big and small companies, but that is extremely difficult to do. We shall hope and work for the best. Do not cut taxes on bigger businesses, and figure out and let the population know why big businesses are getting these tax breaks. Redirect money into small businesses and into the education system. (<—- this is one of, if not, the biggest concern I have politically)


November 7th

Not really much to say other than nice response. Honorable and yet, what he should say.


His hardest decision

So much respect for this response. I can’t even imagine having that kind of pressure put on me, I can barely get through today and all I’ve done is work 7hrs and gone to a class and showered and ate a poorly made tamal. Doesn’t matter the background of the person, anyone who has to make a decision of this capacity I have the utmost respect for. There is no easy answer to the question, “Will you send more troops?”, and President Obama has realized how this affects the people of America, and not the America itself as a political figure in the world.


Money in the campaign trail

I, and most others, would probably answer this question about the same way, supposing you agree with this viewpoint. The focus of money in campaigning is just getting out of hand, that money should be used for the people who need it. Where are all these funds going? What are they doing? How are they benefiting America? There are these thousand dollar dinners that happen for fundraising, but where are these dollars going? I respect President Obama’s response that there should be a constitutional amendment. There needs not to be more of an aristocracy in this country than there already is. The other parts of the population greatly outweigh how many people can actually afford to give extremely generous contributions to candidates’ campaigns. Again, we shall hope for progress and for the best.


White House beer

Wonderful! A White House beer! No matter your stance on politics, and if you consume alcohol, this should be a nice little quirky surprise. Most everyone likes a good drink! President Obama is good at not revealing spoilers.


The economy in regards to students and recent-/post-grads

This is the issue I was hoping would come up. As being a current student, yes I am concerned for my own well being, but as a really honest and good person–yes I am proud enough to admit it, you can ask anyone close to me and they will agree–that I really am concerned about the future generations and how they will attain education. If you aim to go the private schooling and educational route for yourself or your children, fine by me. Go ahead and do that. I know and support plenty of people who do that and I have no problem with it. I am however, extremely concerned with the public school system. I am not the smartest of them all, but I believe that the standards in school should be raised. This will allow the new generations to excel to the potential and standards that are expected in this new Web 2.0 world. Now, in regards to money issues, I am so exasperated by how much money is in the education system. Yes, I respect that teachers, professors, managers, everyone working in the public school system need to be paid for their work appropriately. I myself work at a Cal State school part-time and am paid appropriately. But with budget cuts being directed at cutting staff who want a job and there still existing poorly seen staff and building upgrades and renovations? People needs JOBS, they need classes that are more frequent and more classes that are at times of days that work for everyone. Yes, it sucks to be in class 7-945 like I do twice a week, and yes it sucks to be teaching those classes.  But currently that is how things have to work for both parties, teacher and student, to be able to attain an education on time and still be able to make an income to live on. President Obama is hopeful that things will fix, but I would like this to be a stronger and top priority. There is no excuse to what has happened to our education system. Students need to be beyond algebra in college, they need to know how to write in depth papers by college. There is no excuse for the low standards that we currently have. If we had more schools that worked better with good funding for staff, staff who want to work and teach, even if they don’t have that much experience, the education standards can go up. We have strong competition from China, India, Europe in general in regards to our education standards. I don’t think students should be slammed with information, but I have experienced events where there are students who have less common knowledge and common sense than they should have. It is not a parental issue, it is an attitude towards school and education. I am a first generation student and have only the help of my research skills and my mentors at school to help me get my way to college. Yes, my parents helped, but only in the way of encouraging me to figure this out. They had no idea how to get into school, I had to figure out the requirements myself, fill out applications myself, survey all possible schools myself, and I couldn’t have done that without the excellent public schools I went to. I will make it a goal in life to actively help fix the public education system.


Last post: Balance!

How does he do it?? How does any one do it? Who knows. But the thing is, he does. Being home in time for dinner is sexy.


In general, I support Obama because he has helped me in one way or another. Thankfully, I am able to stay on my parent’s healthcare for a few more years. I am ensured that my future paychecks won’t disappear into only payments for my student loans. Amongst other things as well. But believing that he is a real normal man just trying to organize this country is what keeps me supporting him. I do admit, I have not done much research on Romney. I plan on it. I plan on opening my mind and brain and heart to all presidential candidates. It will take some time. I applaud anyone and everyone who is going to vote in this next election! We shall hope that these next 4 years help more than harm.


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