Today’s reason to work out: a stationary bottom won’t make for your ideal (perky) one!

The Fall semester has finally started and it’s time to knuckle down for hours upon hours of studying.

Between work sitting behind a computer all day, sitting in class, and studying at my desk, in my bed, and uhm… in front of the tv, my wonderful butt doesn’t get much exercise action.

So I’ve decided to change that, well at least while I’m studying at my own home. Last night, I had all this extra energy that I couldn’t utilize while I was reading, so I decided to do 1 set of 50 squats after every section of reading, which was about 17-20 pgs. And it worked! I ended up doing 4.5 rounds, and my butt is sore today. I’ve been really worrying that my glutes are going to flatten with all this sitting… At my last job, I’d but walking around all the time and walking stairs, so I wasn’t too worried then. But now, with my plan backfiring and kickboxing classes now on the days when I have class, and sitting all the time, I’ve had to really put in more effort for exercise. I’m not really one to wake up earlier to exercise, so I decided to be my innovator self and integrate short mini workouts throughout the day.

Mini-workout/exercises + tips:

  • sets of 50 squats in between readings whilst studying
  • take a 5 minute walk every hour at work
  • do 15 minutes of abs and core when you get home from work
  • do 50 lunges before leaving the house in the morning (takes honestly about 2 minutes)
  • stretch when you wake up and before bed! You will NOT regret doing this!! falling into bed feels so much better after a nice 5 minute stretch rather than an angsty body because of a long day.
  • if you have to listen to something for school, do your stretches, squats, lunges, abs while listening!

The possibilities really are endless. You just have to go and do it. What I’ve learned is that the time I’ve spent weighing my options or trying to talk myself out of exercising because I’m “too busy” or “have so much to do” could’ve been spent doing 25 or more squats! There’s no use in complaining or “rationalizing”, just go and do it! You won’t regret exercising.

Happy Thursday!


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