This weekend’s music vibes: Rustie, Kode9, Elliot Lipp, MartyParty at 1015 Folsom in SF

Hey all, I know it’s been a while since I’ve really posted, but I was busy trying to organize my work/school/sleep schedule.

Now that I finally have a routine, I’ve been able to catch up on outlining/organizing new posts.

I’ve only got one music event scheduled for this weekend, and it’s tonight! I have been super stoked all weekend and was really amped last night about it when I was listening to some favorite tracks. So far today, it really hasn’t hit me… a) I haven’t had any coffee yet (I KNOW, and honestly I never really drank coffee before this semester) and b) I am going to take a nap after my class noon-1pm class. It’s been a long week and I’m so glad that I’m ending it in a fun way.

My guy and I are going to the Rustie and Kode9 show/official Pretty Lights after party at 1015 Folsom tonight! Here’s the flyer.

And since I’m awesome and want to help people and I like social media, here’s the Facebook link and the Eventbrite link for those who haven’t bought tickets yet!

This will be a really big show. Both the headliners and support acts are awesome. I’ve heard their names in blog posts, other concert bills, in mixtapes, etc.

I’ll just be blunt, I love Rustie. He was the first producer in the Scotland and basically European arena in the 2008/2009 and beyond arena that I really enjoyed listening to. It was completely different from the post-hardcore and Christian metal I had been listening to as an angsty teen and was completely bewildered at how he could make these sounds into something that I found was really addicting. That something were these tracks that made you both want to listen and to dance. Tracks that you didn’t really know how to dance to, but you knew they were hip-hop, but so very interesting and different than typical hip-hop.

I had first discovered the guy, Russel Whyte, on a 2009 XLR8R weekly podcast. The track was a remix of Keyshia Cole! God, I really couldn’t have found a better track to introduce myself to Rustie. The man is a genius with hip hop and glitchy sounds, remixing the hell out of vox and not messing it up. I even remember a couple years later him retouching the Keyshia track and I fell in love with it all over again. I moved on to listening to his spacey glitchified electro hip hop tracks on MySpace repeatedly until I could find decent mp3s. 

Now, about 4 years later, I finally get to see his genius in person! He has released so many good remixes and mixtapes and playlist in general that you know this guy has a talent for music. He is big in Europe and here on the West Coast, and this show has been long overdue for me.

As for the other headliners–Kode9, Elliot Lipp, MartyParty–these guys are all about the sounds as well. You see these names all over mixtapes, remixes, “you should listen to this” lists, and trust me, seeing some good djs and producers live will be better with a clean slate will be better than trying to cram all these new names before the show. I don’t listen to the others so often as I do Rustie, but can guarantee these guys are good sounds. Kode9 reigns from Scotland as well, but his scene is in the south of London, entranced–like many, such as Joker–into the dark garage scene, which happens to be another of my favorite and first-found music loves. Elliot Lipp is a name you see on bills and say, “Oh, yea, Elliot!”

If you’re in San Francisco and either need a show to go to tonight that has music that’s a little different but definitely groove-worthy, come out to Rustie. Tickets are still on sale but will sell fast tonight! Even if you are going to Pretty Lights, come continue the fun. ;)

Here’s his soundcloud.

Going to have a good night. Dinner, drinks with friends, danceeeeeee!


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