Today’s reason to work out: Refuel

Lately, I’ve been so overwhelmed, I need to find some energy.

I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. School and not organizing enough time for studying and being tight with money has taken it’s toll.

So I decided, I’m tired of being exhausted by all this, and I need some serious energy for today! I have a lot to do–work, FNA officers meeting, lots of homework, starting studying for midterms, class later tonight, online exams… so much!

Instead of getting up at 7am to work on homework, I got up about 15 minutes ago (915ish) and decided I’m going to go for a run while the sun is out. I LOVE SLEEPING IN! But also, there’s no need to put all this pressure on myself and not find a way to get some positive energy.

I’m very stern on getting straight A’s for the rest of my school terms, but I need to take care of myself. Need to eat healthy, need to stay active.

Staying active will keep you alert, exercise your brains, release all sorts of natural endorphins goodness into your system to keep you going.

Also remember: naps! Take a 20-40 minute nap if you need it! If you start yawning and you feel your body getting warm, go set an alarm and take that nap. I do it and it really helps me. Anything more than 1.5 hours will leave you feeling groggy because you’ve already stepped into step 2 of the sleeping cycle.

Now, I’m not a huge supporter of exercising right when you get up. I’ve said this before. Let your body wake up for about 1/2 an hour. Drink some liquids, munch on a little something if you’re hungry. Go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, take some time to change and set out clothes and your days’ necessities. Check your email, but don’t get stuck at the computer or on your phone! Walk around and stretch for a few minutes.

These are all things we take time for granted when doing because we think we need to rush, but instead we waste that time on the computer or playing games on our phones.

Relax, there really is a lot of time in the world. Keep your energy up!


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