Election 2012 – post-(most of the) results

All I can say is that I can breathe a little better. I am a lot less anxious than I was a few hours ago.

Dear Mr. President, Mr. Obama, I wish you lots of luck. I wish you lots of good vibes to really help you through this next term. You are an inspiring person who has a great vision for this country, but I beg you to get certain things done sooner.

I think Obama definitely has the potential to do some good. I believe he can, and he most definitely has, help many Americans and create a stronger nation.

Politics makes everything so difficult. But, Obama recognizes that politics isn’t everything. The most memorable quote I take from his speech is:

“We are not as divided as politics make us out to be.”

This is everything. When we come into conversation about many topics, many of us can find middle ground and understand other arguments. But when we bring these topics and conversations into politics, many times we feel that we must pick one side. This is never the case. We choose to pick one side because it makes things easier. But it doesn’t. If we, the people of America, worry more about actions and solutions rather than persuasion and marketing for your supposed “point of view”, than we would be progressing a lot further. How is it taking so many years for us to realize that love and marriage is not a government issue, but a social issue that has abused the power of propositions and government. There should be equal legal standards for all committed couples, whether or not they are homosexual, heterosexual, asexual, bisexual, whichever.

Politics in America has gone above and beyond what our founding fathers stated. People feel such a strong need to adhere to the beliefs of the party they believe they belong to. Many are disillusioned about the role that the President plays. They are not the sole proprietor, they are not the sole decision maker, they are not the sole action maker. Remember, we are not run by one person–many times that person ends up being very close to a campaign–we are voting for a person we think can represent us and follow our beliefs and wants. If we really want change, we must pay attention to propositions, to bills, to laws, to taxes, to initiatives, to acts, to anything physical which will produce actual legislation. A person, an entity, what their speeches may say will not create change directly. Speeches and words and spoken promises will only be said, but they will not do much else, unless the American people can listen, agree and disagree, and create dialogue to produce movements for new laws and propositions that will create change. If those things pass, then the government will see what we need to do. That’s what Roosevelt did. He made many progressive changes for America, but he didn’t do it alone. He created many boards to oversee public works programs. He created many acts that were requested for the American people. We can’t expect ONE person to understand every American, what we can expect is for the President to make a strong and precise effort towards moving the country forward.

There are so many things I wish to talk about. But, we are still waiting on final results for CA propositions, which I am most concerned about. You will see that post tomorrow hopefully.

Right now, the advice I can give to Obama is to really push, really concentrate on things that will pass in Congress, faster, sooner, and better. Acts and laws need to really be written better, and need to really adhere to all Americans.

We are a united nation, it is time we forget our preferred politics, and work on politics that will bring our economy, our education, and our global influence to the top rank again.


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