Election 2012 – the night before

Tomorrow is the day! Time for me to vote!

I have been proactively researching for some time now, mostly within the last week. There are some really great nonpartisan resources out there–Votersedge.org, KQED (local NPR station), and League of Women Voters. These sites gave me good comparisons on arguments, as well as who funded which propositions.

Most of my research has revolved around California and San Francisco county propositions because those will seemingly have a greater and closer effect on me. I hope everyone has taken looked into these propositions. We must be careful not to vote for something that has abused the power of the ballot–especially things that can efficiently changed in other ways outside of law.

I will have an early morning to research some more about city board candidates… hopefully there are potentials who can truly organize our budget.

And as for President, I still have not decided. Like I said, tomorrow is the day.

I will not tell you whom and what I am voting for, yet. I think.

I will leave you with my strongest gut notion about voting: although some propositions may have good intentions and a good idea, really look into who is funding them, how they will affect your personal finances in both the short- and long-term, and if they pertain to something that will be bettered because of law. We need the local and state government to stop asking for funds by taxing citizens; what we need is someone–a person, persons, a board, whomever–to really step up and reorganize our budget before asking citizens to support any community or public works programs.

I can’t wait to see what happens!

We live in AMERICA.


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