Today’s Linkage: 11.7.12

Here’s what I’ve been reading this morning. I have a lot to say about many things today, but here’s a few things to read while you’re not working.

  • As I read from Refinery29, Instragram now has cool new user profiles. All you have to do is go to (insert whichever username you want to look at). Take a look at mine:
  • Lifehacker’s “How to Upgrade Your Phone Without Spending a Fortune”
  • As I was reading a little more of the background on Prop 37, I came across a slightly older article in the LA Times. I will go further into my views on this proposition in another post, but here’s an interesting, but not fully completed read.
  • I’ve come to a point where all I want to do is write and blog and read, but I just don’t know where to start. And I’m sure plenty of you out there are on the same track. Thank goodness WordPress is, in my opinion, the best blogging platform out there, with a blog dedicated to promoting posts and helping to inspire the writer in all of us. Check out the site. The inspiration posts are excellent.
  • The Thought Catalog is a blog I read everyday. They have witty posts, most I agree with, and here was one that I found pretty amusing. It’s a wishlist for 20-somethings. I do have at least one of the things listed, so I guess I’m doing pretty well.
  • Here’s a short read reminding us the basics of what will happen with Obamacare, thanks NPR.
  • Did you hear about the hooligans destroying a MUNI bus the night the SF Giants won the 2012 World Series? Well, here’s a followup article on that.
  • LA Time’s Election results page (including CA propositions!) I will further extend on this in another post.
  • Congratulations to San Jose for voting to raise their minimum wage to $10. Here’s an LA times article on it.
  • Here’s an article by The Daily Dot on an awesome caricaturist with fantastic illustrations of the President and former Presidents/candidates.
  • And, uhm, awesome Adventure Time slippers.

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