Daily Ramble, Thurs. 11/8

Guess what, I’m busy! Ha, a student who is busy, who woulda thunk?

But no, it’s all good busy-ness business.

It’s been a long day. Work in the morning, Fashion Network Association meeting was super productive, and an extremely productive group meeting for my information systems class. Although it was a 4 hour long meeting, we got stuff done.

Now I’m finally home; home means comfy socks, X-Factor, full belly, and lounging. All I’m missing is a beer!

And I may or may not have squealed a little bit at the One Direction opener for tonight’s episode. (I had it recorded) And you can totally hear their accents when they sing! omg.

I know I owe you guys some posts! I’ve just been thinking a lot about posts. Still waiting on some results to do the propositions/county measures post.

I’ve got a few wrapped up in my head, which I will get to posting tomorrow! When I finally have some free time. I’ve got an essay to finish up tonight for tomorrow. But I will make a short post about shows going on this weekend! And here I go…


What I was listening to: One Direction performing on X-Factor USA


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