Foodie brain blast: enhance leftover soup


Last night, I had a lovely dinner with my other half at Thea in Santana Row in San Jose. It’s a delicious Mediterranean/Greek restaurant with a heartwarming bean soup. Possibly my favorite thing about Mediterranean food is the white beans in bean soup! I had some leftover from last night and I decided to enhance it for tonight’s dinner. I had just enough to keep my belly barely happy, so I decided to add in a little bit of what I found in my pantry. The bean soup is delicious by itself, tomato base, white beans, celery, basil, carrots. I found some dried tortellini in my pantry and that was all I needed. I boiled the tortellini, and in a separate pot, heated up the soup. To this, heat up some olive oil first, add the soup, add a little water from the boiling tortellini (just a little! about 3 tablespoons or so) and add the soup. I love spices in my soup so I added in some more pepper, salt, and basil. Add the tortellini, and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. There you have it! Enjoy.


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