This semester has passed by so fast! + some humorous Linkage

Hey all, hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday.

I had a 3-day weekend! Woop!

Been busy being outside and enjoying good music, good vibes, good food, and good films! It was an eventful weekend. Friday night I saw a couple of my favorite artists: ital tek and Mount Kimbie with my guy at 1015 Folsom. Ital Tek’s set was so so so so good, one of my favorites of the year, and that’s a hard decision because I’ve loved practically everything I’ve gone to so far! The next day had some relaxing brunch at Q in the Richmond on Clement, and hung out in Golden Gate Park with some friends. Then, since my guy and I have been itching to get to the movies, saw both Wreck It Ralph and Cloud Atlas at my old workplace. Both were really great films. I enjoyed Wreck It Ralph so much! It had some excellent 3D and amazingly witty remarks for a child’s movie. I always thought I better understood child’s films as I grew older. I still have yet to read Cloud Atlas, which I will get to during the holiday vacation. The next day, Sunday, we had a fantastic brunch with his parents at Foreign Cinema in the Mission. I can’t believe I haven’t been to this place before! Yummy delicious food, and a quaint and modern interior. Apparently they have the best bacon in the world, which I am anxious to try, but not just now. I have a vegetarian diet, but I have been leaning towards moving back to eating some meat. My whole intention of not eating meat before was for many reasons, but the main one was because of foul methods of raising meat with ridiculous amounts of hormones, growth enhancers, etc. I always said if I would eat meat again, it had to be the cleanest, most organic, most REAL meat I could get my hands on and afford. Having a vegetarian diet has been pretty easy these past 3.5 years, but living in San Francisco makes it easier to be an omnivore while still maintaining a healthy diet of healthy, clean food. I think I’ve made the decision, but it will take some time to actually process and go through with it. Anyways, yes, this place Foreign Cinema is one of those reasons San Francisco is an excellent city to eat in! We walked on Valencia Street after brunch, and I literally fell in love with it! So many excellent sounding restaurants, adorable boutiques and shops, and so many people with puppies! And super chic living quarters. I couldn’t ask for anything more. We then all went to see Skyfall, which I thought was an excellent film as well. Ended the night at a steakhouse, which made it all the more confirmed I’ll be eating meat again soon.  Yesterday was a fantastic day off. We remembered the Veterans on Sunday, but it was nice to relax yesterday as well. Nick and I had a lovely 2 year anniversary dinner at this great Mediterranean place in Santana Row called Thea. Such yummy food and such a nice end to a good weekend.

Now, today, I’ve gotten so much done already! I had an interview for a holiday position at Macys. The interview was originally for recovery/restocking, but I emphasized I would be really good at sales and commission sales. Now, its almost time to leave work, but I’ve done some good testing, and also in the process of writing a press release for the FNA’s fall fashion show! I’m a member of the Fashion Network Association here at SFSU, Website Chair and avid member with PR, so I’m really excited to have this press release done for the show and in my portfolio/resume. Also working with the SFSU Xpress magazine to help promote the show!

I really love this writing for PR and marketing, I think I can stick with this. I love writing on my own, and if journalism makes me hate writing, I’ll really regret it. I love working with an association, so I think marketing is the right path for me. I am good at what I do, and already have some good things to put in my portfolio. I’ll keep you updated on this journey, ha.

Alright, here’s some links to things I read this morning. Enjoy.

1. 10 steps to becoming a better blogger by Jeff Bullas. As simple as that.

2. I saw someone mention the term “hashing”. My mind went to all sorts of weird places, so naturally I Google’d it. Still sounds like a weird word, but also sounds SUPER FUN. Here’s a page about a group in SF who do it.

3. So uhm, I may or may not have watched the entirety of Trapped in the Closet this weekend, and I will admit I love cats, and I will admit I want to skydive. So this article incorporates most of that.

4. Some idiot is supposedly charging fees to have people remove nude photos from a site that they DIDN’T upload to. Jerk.

5. Photobomb girl.


Oh ya! I poached my first egg this weekend. Culinary success.


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