Morning Thoughts 11/14

Happy Birthday to one of my bestest friends living in LA! I miss you so so so much can’t believe it still feels like a year since we’ve seen each other, even though you came up briefly. :)

I’m starting to listen to news radio more! I always thought it was a bit repetitive, and it is, but it’s a nice change from music in the morning and tv news at night. Local NPR station, KQED, 88.5. I listen to it on a live stream on my computer.

Just a quick comment about the Petraeus scandal as discussed during today’s Morning Edition. I regret to say I forget his name, but there was an analyst on the show commenting about the event, I believe he was a military analyst from a university (in Virginia?). He had explained his relationship between both Petreaus and the journalist, and said he was very surprised at it all. But what I took from his testimonial was that we must realize these professionals are people. This affair, if proves true, means at least one person was possibly under a lot of stress, or that they just had personal issues, and it is none of our business. The biggest point that I agreed with was that instead of “punishing” him by not having a job, someone, most likely Mr. President himself, should say, “Hey, things happen, but this is not what you should be caring about right now, you should not be resigning. Instead, to punish you, you’re going back to work.” Basically, Petreaus should knuckle down and get back to work. I completely agree.

Okay, getting back to work.

Also, I’m using this great new app for maintaining food and weight, it’s really excellent. I’ll write a review once the week is over.


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