Hi SFMOMA, this is why you should hire me as an intern.

I’m hoping you have read my official application, and you are now reading this blog post.

I hope. It’s a little long.

I decided to include a statement that was slightly less formal, to let you see my casual writing style.

Basically, how do I market Sophie Calzada as a productive, hardworking, and jill-of-all-trades? By letting you read my words, understand my thought process, and how I hope to use the experience I will gain from this internship in my future.

I’ll be honest, I love doing a little bit of everything, so my first two years at SFSU (I’m nearing the middle of my third) I jumped around a lot. I entered the school as an Environmental Studies major, but took classes in things I was interested in, because it was difficult to find classes I needed to graduate.

I took a class that was basically an introduction to journalism, and I liked it a lot. It definitely helped my scope of what journalism was. We were able to join the site Newstrust, read articles there and comment on them. We had to share those comments over Twitter, which you can find here! Now, this is not my official account, it was made specifically for class, but I can always change it. My personal/casual Twitter account is this one: @soph_ie

Throughout this class, I discovered I really enjoyed working in groups. Everyone says that they don’t particularly enjoy them, and at times they are extremely stressful. But in perspective, I enjoyed seeing other people’s opinions and approaches to journalism, writing, and current events. It encompassed what I thought college was about: learning.

So I considered Journalism as a major, and I always keep thinking I want to go back to it, but have realized that Marketing is where I am at. I enjoy the idea of working for a specific company or entity. Freelance is an idea, and as an aspiring marketer, entrepreneurship is in our blood. But for now, I’ll just leave it to getting an internship at the SFMOMA…

I then decided, hey, what was my favorite class in high school besides participating in yearbook? AP Art History. It didn’t matter so much that it was an AP class, but that I was learning history, and that it revolved around art and culture. I enjoyed the teacher, he was a cool, extremely sarcastic, Harley-riding guy who also just happened to be interested in European and Art History. I liked him a lot. From that class, I researched what sort of things I would need for an Art History major, and was told I had to take a supplemental survey class to support the AP credit. From that, I planned out how I could go about it. Also at that time, I had been trying to find volunteer opportunities to be able to explore San Francisco. That is how I became a volunteer at SFMOMA. I was excited to be a part of the community, and about the library resources that were open to me. I regret to say I don’t get to volunteer as often as I do because I am busy with my full workload at school and working part time. But with this internship, I will be able to take a break from a heavy workload, take less classes and devote my time to learning in the field.

I have been told and advised consistently that work experience has a stronger impact nowadays than just having a bachelor’s degree. This is why I am choosing to apply to a strong internship at a place I can really find myself at. Sure, I could have started with doing a brand ambassador position, but I figured, go big or go home. When I am really dedicated to something, I aim to go into it full force. I like to think I am a passionate person, and that I want to naturally do everything. As I said before, I wanted to be a journalism major, an art history major, and now I have finally settled on a business degree with a concentration in marketing.


Because I feel it would take me where I want to be, whether I want to go more business or go more creative. And naturally, I want to go more creative.

And where can I (hopefully, possibly, yes yes yes) do this at, and still learn about art? At the SFMOMA.

I hope you have learned a little bit more about me, and you want to know more. There’s a lot I can offer, give me an objective, some guidelines, and some room for creativity, and I’m your girl for the job.

Thanks again!

What I was listening to

I was actually watching Law and Order: SVU. Who doesn’t get sucked into this??


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