Afternoon Thoughts

Hey all,

There’s been a lot going on in life! Here’s what’s been revolving in my mind:

  • This darn blog! Okay, sorry WordPress, I do love you, but it is so hard to figure out what to write about. Writing is hard. I recognize that I should build some sort of theme here, but I can’t quite figure it out. There’s too many things I like, and I don’t really know if I’m a humor writer, an advice writer, an opinion writer, or just a writer. I’ll figure it out, but all I need to do is keep writing!
  • I guess I should look to more helpful tips and things for blogging.
  • School has been busy, but I’ve been less motivated lately. Part of it I’m blaming on this weather. I’m not complaining, cause that is just how weather patterns are, but I can’t get anything done when it’s foggy and drizzly!! What the heck, I don’t know why I’m making it an excuse… because tomorrow is another day. Sigh.
  • I submitted an application for a SFMOMA Marketing and Communications internship for Spring 2013. I wrote a small post about it, but I think I’ll write some more!
  • The Fashion Network Association, that I’m the Website Chair of, had our winter runway show last night! It was fantastic, and busy, and really nice to experience. I’ll make a post about that soon enough, once I have more pictures available to me.
  • I have been blessed to have loving family to talk to, and wish my grandma, my momma, one of my aunties, and a few of my uncles a wonderful time as they are in Cambodia right now, just spending time with my family. As strong as my grandma is, she’s getting older. We are blessed to have that opportunity happen.
  • I have been blessed to spend so much time with my man’s family. They are so so kind, and had taken me in for Thanksgiving, and their recent adoption of two new kitties! They are the coolest cats. Rambunctious Buster is an orange tabby, and Posey is a precious but precociously sassy little girl, who is a black kitty.
  • Finals are coming up, trying my hardest to get things done earlier than usual. I’m doing great, have about 3 B’s-B+’s, a couple of A’s and one that I’m still waiting on for grades to be uploaded.

Yup yup.

Just wanted to write a quick post. Hopefully I’ll find some motivation sooner or later.



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