Daily Prompt 12/10/12 – Time Capsule

Daily Prompt – Time Capsule

The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

If my capsule were a home,

the walls would be covered in a collage of prints and copies of all the tickets to events I experienced,

photos and pictures from those events,

mine or not,

from every show, every event, every get-together,

with notes and letters from my loved ones.

If my capsule were a home,

the furniture would be my own creations of items I’ve seen in the places I’ve gone,

a compilation of bars from all my favorite venues visited this year,

interpretations and copies sofas and couches and chairs and tables from all the restaurants I went to.

If my capsule were a home,

the sounds vibrating throughout the day would vary from all the music I have listened to live this year,

to important events,

speeches by Mr. President, kind words from loved ones,

resolutions to arguments, resolutions to bickering,

and the inspiring words I said to myself,

in my head,

engaging myself in soul-searching, in telling myself I am who I am,

that it is only I who can make my life what I want it to be.

If my capsule were a home,

the structure would be all the things that got me through this year,

in solid, non-destructible form, of course!

The structure would be water, energy from the sun, energy from the sand of the warm beaches,

energy from the love of my family and friends and roommates and colleagues,

energy from my other half,

energy from new foods I have tried and enjoyed and indulged in,

energy from those days where I was productive,

even energy from the animals that made me so happy this year.

If my capsule were a home,

it would be in San Francisco. I have made this city my own.

If my capsule were a home,

I’d like to invite you in.

Note! This is very extremely rough, I just let the words flow out of my fingers. I’d love any feedback!


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