hair that wraps up on top of your head

I will just say it.

I have always thought buns and topknots were weird. I’ve been putting my hair in messy ponies and messy buns & topknots always, and a lot more lately cause of finals.

But in the past like WEEK I have seen about 500 HUNDRED (literally, I go to a big school) sock buns.

I thought sock buns were just like halfway pulling your hair through, but I guess not.

Sock buns are where you wrap your hair around something and make it into a loop on the top of your head.

I don’t like them. They look good with very specific outfits,

but they look like you have a TRAINING WHEEL ON YOUR HEAD.

Or a hairy donut. They look so ugly.

They can look good, but most don’t.

They need to die SOON. As in, NOW.

That’s my take on sock buns.


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