Woes of Consumerism: Why I am just finally considering purchasing a Macbook in the future.

I know this looks a little long, but I’m just writing out my thoughts.

Sigh, I’m doing what I usually do, again.

I’m denying my former denial of buying things as they become popular. Essentially, I never bought any Apple products for 2 main reasons, I didn’t really understand how they could be so much more expensive than what I already had, and I’m weird and anti-popular-consumer-products. But, I knew why Apple products are it, they are innovative and they work.

I’m always running in and out of the campus bookstore and always eyeing the Macbook Airs. I’m always eyeing my fellow classmates’ Macbooks as well. So easy to the eye.

And gosh, their marketing and branding is SO GENIUS. I know I’m late on the train to say this, but I’ve known this from the beginning. Three sentences ago, I was about to call it a notebook, backspaced and typed in Macbooks instead, because their branding is so SMART. I can’t even call it a notebook without feeling a little weird, and slightly inadequate.

I’ve thought of three main reasons I now want one.

1) Living in San Francisco, this is a tech MECCA. San Francisco is where Apple started, and many other tech companies. I love Microsoft products, I love Intel products, I love using Windows. But it seems that Apple products are and have been on the rise and are popular, and are utilized in a lot of companies. So, being the slightly worrisome-because-of-wanting-to-be-prepared Sophie that I am, I have been researching job descriptions of many, many potential workplaces in the Bay area. Many, if not all of them, that mention computer hardware, ask for Mac experience. Usually, when the description says desired, it basically means mandatory. Because, if someone else has one more skill than you do, you will most likely not get the job! I like to think of myself of being balanced and wanting to learn more things, especially about technology, I want to be comfortable with both Windows and Mac. And since my current Toshiba running Windows 7 has little to nothing wrong with it, I can have 2 notebooks!

2) They are just so sexy looking, especially the Macbook Air. I have talked with many classmates, and they say their Macbook Air is so great for school, and for on the go. I plan on still being a busy bee, and they just seem so simple, so light, and their processors are super fast for immediate loading. I am concerned about actual tech specs, mostly because I want a really good computer, and non just the bare minimum, and I do know what various specs actually do, but maybe not the full potential of RAM and hard drive space and processors and such. I’m learning though!

3) I’m kind of done with watching so much trash TV. I want to find myself keeping busy in other ways, and I’ve always had an interest in design. Graphic design. And the thought just occurred to me, designing clothes or textile patterns in Illustrator! If you know anything about me, my first ambition was to be a fashion designer, and I have always told myself, I’ll get to it as a side project when I do. But for now, I’d like to learn a thing or two or three about graphic design. I have heard over and over that Mac displays and graphics are the better option for those. I just hope a Macbook Air will be able to run multiple applications, as in: Chrome, Photoshop, Illustrator, Winamp, school stuff, Google Apps, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. I’m sure it will. I’ve seen my man run SO MANY THINGS on his Macbook Pro w/ i7 processor. Which I would pay for.

The one concern I have is SPACE!?!? I like music, a lot, where am I going to put it all? And if I do try to get into more design stuff, those files are huge. The applications are huge. Do I really need to spend another $300-500 for Time Capsule? Or can I just get a different brand external hard drive? Sigh. Decisions.

I don’t know when this will happen. Sooner, later, never, who knows. Once I can actually start saving my own money and making more, it will be a priority. I do want to have experience with it before really getting into a career search. This is all being said with such confidence because I plan on being successful, not ridiculous money wise, but being stable, being able to provide for myself, and live comfortably. I am stubborn enough to make it happen. I always told myself I would move to San Francisco, and I haven’t moved back yet, so my stubbornness is working. I will never know what will happen, but I know I will make things work. I am confident in that.

So, as you can see, and I’ll be surprised if you’re still reading, this decision to buy something means a lot more than just having another tech item. I am often surrounded by people who just buy things to have things, but being conscious of what you are buying and why it’ll be a good thing in your life is so much more important to me.

Okay. That was a nice break from writing papers. Now to get back to writing my final papers and studying.


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