A possible prediction – a love letter.

NOTE: This is a very personal love letter. This is all real. This is for my significant other. I probably should have sent this to him privately, but I want him to know that I’m not afraid of sharing, showing my love for him to the world. The world won’t influence me to change my feelings.


Dear stud,


I hope you know and understand these feelings I get. Some sort of woman’s intuition, I’m sure. Maybe it’s just love. But I have a good feeling about this.


I remember the first time I really listened to M83’s “*”. We were in your car. Driving somewhere. Either to or back from Santa Cruz? Monterey? Very early on in our relationship.


It was dark outside, a bit chilly, but it was gorgeous. We were in your first car. It was the beginning of one of the most common things we do: drive and listen to our favorite music.


I’ve always enjoyed music that goes well with driving, and I know you do too. I can tell each time we are together. I can see it in your movements, in your spirit. My spirit loves that about you.


I can remember nearly each and every time you get into that mode. I love your aura. You get as excited as I do about music. We seem to be on a much more emotional and connected level with music than most people. That may be a bit snobbish, but I know we have that special connection, that special understanding.


This may be cheesy, but it is truly heartfelt. And I don’t care if it is cheesy, because I don’t think it is.


Apparently, today is the end of the world. I don’t think so. It’s just the winter solstice.


But, as I’m writing up my final essay of the semester, I’m listening to a fun playlist; some of my, your, our favorites. Tron: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D, Com Truise, M83, SaQi.


I come across the song.




I remembered that first time in your car. Just driving and moving and grooving. I remember your smile, your movements. I got so emotional because I understood completely what you were feeling. I knew you were trying to make me like them, cause I had never liked M83 until then, until you.


As I’m listening to the song, and thinking about today, I eerily thought that it would be a great song that would be playing in a movie, in my head, if the world really did end. I know, not the most positive thing, but that’s how connected I am with music. I think I’m pretty excellent at picking mood music.


Yes, that song would be great for the end of the world.


But then, I thought something completely different.


I thought again about you in the car during this song.


I thought about us.


I thought about us in the past, in the present.


I thought about us in the future.


It will be a slightly distant future. If we are still together.


But I have a strong feeling, I just get it sometimes, that a future together will happen.


I hope you don’t think this is too out of the blue.


It may be because I’m in love, because this is the beginning, that this is my first real experience.


But, stud. I have a feeling.


You cannot deny we have something. You have repeated it to me endlessly.


And I do realize. I struggled with it before, but the idea has been growing on me. I’m understanding these feelings I get.


Sigh, here it goes.


I was thinking “*” would be an excellent song to drive to as we leave our possible future wedding. I can picture you doing this. I didn’t picture it the first time, in your first car, but I can picture it now.


I can see us listening to it, rocking out to it. I can, really. Pretty crazy, huh?


It would be the beginning to a whole new world, not the end of it. That thought amazes me.


How and why I have explained in this love letter to you.


I hope you, at some point in your life, can understand what I’m explaining, and agree. Not whether or not we can have a long life together, but that this would be an excellent song to drive off to post-ceremony.


Or both.




I love you dearly. And if it were really the end of the world, this love letter encompasses everything I would want to say, between the lines.


Besos, always.





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