The Paleo diet

I have been reading about the Paleo diet, and while it has good intentions, it is one that I will not really agree with.

Basically, it is to emulate the diet of the hunter-gathers of the Paleolithic era. Their diet averaged about 70% carbs. And why they do not seem to be “overweight” was because they were exerting so much energy, so as to constantly be eating carb heavy.

This diet basically cuts out all dairy, unless raw and whole-fat, cuts out all grains, and all processed foods. No peanuts!

So basically, a lot of meat, poultry, eggs, and veggies and fruit.

Looking at it, that seems good. But there is almost no area for making dishes that use all of these. No pasta/Italian cuisine dishes, no Asian cuisine either.

I support much of the agriculture that has developed, definitely not all, but most I think are good inventions.

The other thing is, to be able to have a lean body with this diet, you would have to exert so much energy and eat a huge variety of veggies and nuts to be able to get your entire vitamin and nutrient supply filled. No vitamin tablets allowed!

I just… I don’t know… the caveman diet has good intentions, I just don’t know how it really works out for people who do not get to exercise or are able to afford the essential for this diet. Lean protein, nuts, lots of fresh veggies and fruits. It’s a good start, but I’ll just try to find a balance between the basics of this and other ideals I have for eating and exercising.


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