I’m tired of dark eye makeup!

I am completely tired of seeing every gorgeous celebrity debutante out there with dark eye makeup. Always black lined eyes in every single picture of them.

It’s gorgeous on occasion. Use it sparingly. Use it when it looks good on the outfit.

But not every single time!

I want to see your beautiful eyes and your beautiful lashes. No makeup necessary.

I don’t want to see half a stick of eyeliner, a tube of mascara on your lashes.

I want to see women’s eyes, in whatever shape or size they are.

All I see are these gorgeous women who have so much eye makeup! And I get that’s what a lot of people find attractive, but I just think it is tired. I’ve always loved a fresh clean look, and if anything, just a subtle touch of mascara, or just top eyeliner, once in a while. To keep it new and exciting.

I’m just tired of it!

I’m just happy to know that I don’t wear much eye makeup and my man thinks my eyes are so beautiful, and I agree! I don’t need anything to make them stand out. If anything black eye makeup hides how beautiful eyes can be.

Okay, that’s my makeup rant for today.


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