Wedding Planning

The more and more I think about it, I can see myself as an excellent wedding planner.

Or I guess, more of a ceremony planner.

Whether you want a religious ceremony or not, I think I can make fantastic parties.

Getting certification is the easy part, but my degree in marketing will probably help a lot in getting my name out. And people are falling in love all over the place!

I want to create ceremonies for all sorts of couples. Big or small ceremonies, whatever budget, whatever theme, whatever time in life they are in.

I could be fantastic at it.

I’m seriously considering getting the certification, whether or not I go into it.

The thought really excites me!

Wouldn’t that be an awesome profession?

I could do it. :)

The program at City College of San Francisco is less than $1500, about $1700 for the combo of certification plus how to green weddings, saving more money for resources and marketing!!

This is quite exciting. Time to do loads of research and reading.

Wish me luck! Let me know if you want me to plan your ceremony!


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