Morning thoughts

So I’m up early this morning, which I don’t mind.

Men of the house were up around 530-6am, so I just decided to stay awake after 7am…

Worrying, but not in a negative way, about future jobs and careers and things.

I shouldn’t worry, but I’m contemplating things.

I’m getting a degree in marketing, so I need to figure out where I want to concentrate that. I’ve always thought about going into the music and culture arenas, because those are some of my passions, but where else could I possibly go?

I’d love to go into innovative technology.

Lately, I’ve become increasingly interested in the wedding/bridal realm. I could definitely work in marketing for a brand or store or company, and I would love to be an entrepreneur at some point, creating something of my own. Of course these are big dreams and it won’t be easy, but I take pride in my stubbornness to get me where I want to be in life.

Time is running short to figure out where I want to put my effort in; I just want to do it as efficiently as possible. Which will be difficult, but I want to do something I love, not just update Facebook for the rest of my life for a drab company.

I never thought I would be much of an entrepreneur, but my dad has always mentioned it, to create something of my own, because he knows I’m smart enough to do it. Nowadays, I’m thinking I can. I’ll have to figure out logistics, but in 15-20-25 years, could I really be doing something of my own? Yes! What, I’m not so sure. I dream of creating maybe my own agency, my own event planning services, my own fashion line, my own online magazine.

I have a very long life to live and I intend to make the most of it.


2 thoughts on “Morning thoughts

  1. Zana says:

    Omg.i am so bummed. I wrote you a long comment on the way to work this morning, but it got lost in the logging in process. So bummed.. I will try to rewrite it grrrrr.

  2. Zana says:

    I remember feeling the same way when I was a junior and senior in college. I had no idea how I could make the transition from student to career. It seemed like such a mystery.

    But I did make that transition. And you will too. My advice? Follow your passion. Find something to do that lets you learn even just a little bit more about what you love. If you are doing what you love, then you are doing what you are good at, because I believe that we get the most satisfaction from using our talents, our natural abilities. You never know what life will send your way, but you can make choices that allow you to hone your talents and become better at what you love to do.

    Every job is a stepping stone to the next. And everyone you know can potentially help you find that next step. I believe that personal connections are the best way to fond opportunities. I think i’ve gotten most every job because I knew someone. And internships count too!

    You are a talented, intelligent young woman with lots to offer. There are so many opportunities out there! Be happy! I am confident that you will find your place in the world!

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