Me rambling about my life as of late…

Hey all,

My blog is a year old! And unfortunately there is less progress on it than I expected…

I can easily change that.

It is currently 10:50am on a cloudy Wednesday here in San Francisco. Been up since 7:30am; had a nice long slumber since 9pm last night. I’ve done my morning TV viewing–Live! with Kelly and Michael. I have to say I LOVE Michael on the show. He is damn funny.

School starts soon, on Monday, and I’m eager for it, but not wanting it to come too soon. I’ve been enjoying my relaxing vacation, this is the 6th week! Being able to sleep when I can, eat when I can, exercise, have fun. I love it all. But I’ll be happy to get some discipline back in my life. Here’s what I got in store:

I’m taking 16 units, so 5 classes of 3 units each, and I have to register for a 1 unit class on the first day of school. Classes are all business but will be useful and interesting. Intro to Microeconomics, Intro to Macroeconomics, Consumer Behavior, Intro to International Business and Relations, Advertising Theory and Practice, and then a make-up for Business Stats.

It’ll be a lot of work, but I am excited to learn. :) I really needed a Managerial Accounting class but they were all full, otherwise, I got the best for what I wanted.

SO the big news is with my job! While my other coworker is out on an internship job, I will be the only one working with the opportunity to work up to 30 hours a week! Exciting. Students are usually only allowed to work 20 hours max, but my boss has put in the paperwork to make me a bridge student so I can work more hours, and I think I get some benefits: they’ll take out retirement/social security each paycheck. So it’s not too bad, it’s like a savings account I don’t have to manage. Also the other big news is I got a nice pay raise! :) I’m very thankful for it and I have to be honest it is well-earned. Especially since I’ll be the only one working for a while.

I’m eager to get back to a busy schedule because of school and work but also because I have designated myself times to exercise. I have been doing pretty well lately at exercising more often and eating better. Still need to learn to control my portions but am happy at where I am going. There are a lot of things coming up that I desire to look good for! One of the hardest things I’ve found that I need to work on is controlling cravings and the munchies. Whenever I am bored or stressed, I convince myself that a snack will make it better, but I always end up regretting it when it is an unhealthy snack. Lately, I’ve been loads better at recognizing it and reaching for healthier snacks. It is just so hard! I must learn to control myself and curb the cravings. Good thing there’s a Trader Joe’s that is a good walk away to help with healthy choices!

Here’s what my projected schedule on Google calendar looks like:

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 11.23.20 AM

It was nice to be at home, but I definitely felt like I was back home this past weekend in San Francisco. I was out doing the things I love: talking with friends and having a good time, going out to dance with my loved one, and watching sports. It was a great great weekend.

Going to take it  little easier this weekend cause we have the Super Bowl coming up next weekend!!! GO NINERS. The game this past weekend was so much fun. I have a Vernon Davis jersey and MY BOY was doing so well! Here’s a couple of pics.

1:20 sf playoffs vd 1:20:2013


Yes, it was a lot of fun! I’m so glad the Bay Area loves sports and sports love the Bay Area!

Okay, I’m off to work now. Hopefully I can get some good blog posts rolling in here soon.


What I was listening to:

Artist: Plankton Wat

Album: Spirits (2012)


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