Obligatory Coachella post now that the lineup is announced, and the upcoming project it entails.

Hello blog world.

As the title of this post so clearly states, I am going to make this Coachella lineup my …….

Well, I’m going to make it into a blogging project. Whenever I need to get away from work or school, I’ll listen to the next artist on the list and write up something about them. What? My thoughts on the music, my thoughts and predictions of where they’ll be at Coachella, what sort of vibe I’m getting, just anything.

It’ll be mostly rambling.

It’ll be hard to go in order, but I’ll figure it out.

They say you don’t get better at something until you make yourself do it.

And I want to get better at blogging.

Here we go.

Since it’s late, I’ll start tomorrow.

Oh, the lineup you ask?

Here it is:



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