Six Months to Sexy Legs Review: Week 1

Hey all, I’ve recently purchase an exercise/fitness lifestyle book that focuses on legs! It’s called Six Months to Sexy Legs by Amy Chisholm I’ve written a review about it earlier. (link here) Here’s my weekly review. I do these workouts about every other day–Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Saturday. I do cardio kickboxing and core/butt on Tuesdays and Thursdays in a group exercise class at the (paid) campus gym.

Saturday February 23rd 

Workout time: from 1:30pm to about 2:45-3pm

Day 1! It felt good to be back in the gym. I sprained my knee about a month ago, and although it is still flaring up (let’s just say I haven’t been taking it too easy as the doctor recommended… I had heels to wear and dancing to do, okay?!) and I was on vacation in Portland, OR last weekend so I haven’t been able to settle into a routine. Here I am though, doing it! I tend to get pretty lazy or slack, and now I think I’ve found a program that will aim to keep me on track.

I did not read the entire intro yet, but did read enough to get me through the first workout. First part was to review the stretching section. Stretching has always been so important to me! I tell everyone that stretching is a MUST even if you aren’t exercising. But what I’ve always found to be the tough part was actually filling that recommended 5-10-15 minutes of stretching before and after your workout. My usual stretching lasted probably just short of 5 minutes, and although I didn’t have much trouble from it, Amy’s stretching routine definitely takes you 10 minutes. Legs take a lot, it is important to have them fully stretched. As recommended, I did the stretching routine before the workout fully and completely and it was actually a good time to get me in the mindset to exercise. I find that if I jump in too fast, I’ll talk myself out of whatever goals I set forth. But as I was stretching, I wasn’t thinking about how soon I would be leaving the gym. I thought about how good my legs feel! I also added in about 2 minutes of foam rolling to my legs, since my right leg is still pretty tight from falling.

The workout itself: great. It’s pretty simple for the beginning of the program. I think it should be easier for people just starting out, but Amy writes that this program is not for weight loss, but for toning. I have had at least 4 years of cardio experience, so I am doing this program to tone my legs and strengthen my legs and back; adding in cardio on other days and core in-between leg sets is what I am doing to get my full workout on. For me, my legs are not strong. I tend to give up too soon. Amy writes that you should not stop moving. I realized in the past if my legs get tired, I stop moving. So I decided, for this program, I will add in “breaks”. These “breaks” are not necessarily sit-down or just stay still or walk around breaks, but just a short break for my legs. Amy’s workouts are divided into sections of 2-3 exercises. You do a round of them 3x before moving to the next set. After each section, I added in some core. I did 30 batter swings to squat (15 each side) and 20 sit-ups, both with a medicine ball. You can definitely add more if you wanted to, but I’m starting off with that to get myself back into a workout routine. Eventually, I’ll add more sit-ups, and maybe one more exercise.

The exercises in this week’s plan are easy to do and will work if you do them correctly. No cutting corners on your sumo squats. I was definitely breaking a sweat during the majority of the workout. Which is good! And my knee feels great, no pain yet. Will have to ice it in the morning again I believe. The one thing I found difficult for me today was some pain in my shoulder/arm area when doing the downward dog knee tucks. I do not have strong arms (weak wrist, a bone popped out of place when I was 12 and it’s never completely healed) so in the beginning I had to shorten the reps per leg (5 each side until I hit 30 total). Which was fine. Workout plans are not meant to fit everyone; all the fitness mentors I have had tell me to listen to my body and do what works. You must push your body yes, but modifications will help you learn to exercise. Eventually, I was able to do a full set of 15 tucks per side without too much strain.

I had to skip out on the last two sets of extensions+cardio because I had other things to do in my day, but did finish with a full set of stretching. My legs are getting sore right now, but there is no serious pain! Goody!

See you for Week 1, Day 2.

Monday, February 25 

Well, actually, it’s Tuesday. It’s the morning after day 2, and I’m actually not that sore! I was a lot more sore last night as I was doing the workout. On Sunday, I went for a nice 3.2 mile run with my lover, and so happy I got some cardio in! It wasn’t incredibly fast, but it did get my heart rate up.

As for yesterday, I had a late night workout; I got out of class around 915pm, which gave me enough time (the gym closes at 11pm) to get in leg day. Spent a little more time stretching and foam rolling prior to the workout because I was still sore from day 1.

This time, I incorporated a little bit more core between each section. Added in 10 more sit-ups for a total of 30, 10 lying down leg raises, and 20 V side-to-side crunches.

Feeling pretty alright today! Got a cardio kickboxing and butts & guts class tonight, so leg day will be tomorrow.

Thursday, February 27 

Day 3, last day of week 1!

Definitely not as sore as I was on the first day. It had been a long day and was thankful to have some time to work out. I did not work out on Wednesday because I had taken the time to study. I know I know, to keep a routine going you have to stick with a plan. Well, sticking with a plan is one of the hardest things for me, as a student. I should have a plan for everything, but I am an easygoing person, so it is a little harder. Even just taking this 6-month workout challenge has been a new thing! But that’s okay. I’m still exercising every day and trying to eat healthier. I’ve been stressed, so this new plan has been helping a lot.

This time around, I did a 1.5 mile run as a warmup. Did less core so I could fully focus on legs.

Oh man was I sore the next day… Especially cause on Friday night, I went to a show and my legs were already tired around 12 midnight, when the headliner hadn’t even gone on yet! But thankfully I made it through.

Stay tuned for Week 2!


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