Coachella 2013 Preppin’: Disclosure

Hey all! I said I was going to blog about my journey through the Coachella lineup, and here I am! Doing it! Like last year, I randomly went through the artists and bands I was unfamiliar with and found some really great finds. I’m hoping to find some good ones again. See those colored words down there?? They’re links. (Yes! They are colors from the Coachella poster!) And I love you all enough to provide you with the appropriate Youtubes.

Hey all. I have been slacking on this! I actually listened to this duo a couple weeks ago and have finally got around to posting. I need to be better at my time management… I have just over a month to get reviews out on the rest of the artists! Looks like I’m taking a blogging day this weekend…

Anywho, this post’s band is Disclosure. They are brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence, reveling from the UK. They make some damn good UK garage.

Disclosure, Guy and Howard Lawrence

I fell in love with the soft, subtle sounds of UK garage a few years back when I first listened to Mosca, SBTRKT, Lando Kal, and even Cooly G! The aforementioned could be consider more funky, but I dig them all. The boys of Disclosure have a simple, yet unique sound… here are examples…

Here is my favorite track by them so far: Boiling (feat. Sinead Harnett) off of their The Face EP from 2012.

Vocals and beat on that was stellar right? Yeah, I hope I get to hear this at night at Coachella… definitely a massively sexy song (say those last three words in your best UK garage deejay voice).

Another excellent excellent track is “Just Your Type” from their Carnival EP from 2011. (Alas, this must be the free EP I got, it does not have a page on! After a little more research, this was given away for free.) If you like what Hudson Mohawke did to Ashanti’s voice in his “Still On It” remix as much as I did, you’ll love this one.

Okay okay and because I just LOVE that HudMo track so much, here that is as well… Go see him in the Glasgow!

Okay, back to Disclosure! Here’s their release from January of this year, it’s called “White Noise (feat. Aluna George)”. Sexy and fun and lovely, isn’t it? Definitely going on my new favorites playlist!

Here’s the OFFICIAL video!

Excellent music, no? Let me know what you think. I will definitely be adding them to my Coachella to-see list.


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