Coachella 2013 Preppin’: Metric

Hey all! I said I was going to blog about my journey through the Coachella lineup, and here I am! Doing it! Like last year, I randomly went through the artists and bands I was unfamiliar with and found some really great finds. I’m hoping to find some good ones again. See those colored words down there?? They’re links. (Yes! They are colors from the Coachella poster!) And I love you all enough to provide you with the appropriate Youtubes.

This one’s about Canadian rock band Metric

Image courtesy of Last.Fm


We all dug their 2009 release of the track “Help I’m Alive” from Fantasies. So catchy, so pop-y, so good. But today, I’m reviewing Synthetica.

Honestly, at the end of listening to it, I didn’t like it too much. Vocals got a bit too dream-y, too high, and a little annoying. There were two tracks that I liked, but overall, not my general go-to sound. I haven’t been that into Metric’s sound in general, only heard some of their more popular tracks. But here’s the two that I dug the most from Synthetica:

This one is called “Youth Without Youth” and this is the official video. Definitely an old-school rock vibe, without being so dated. Famous guitar riff on continuum, punchy lyrics. Definitely a gritty sound, which I really wish I heard more of from this album. There’s little peaks of sunshine-y grittiness, but not enough for me for a rock album. This song had the most.


And this one is called “Dreams So Real”. This one is mostly talk instead of singing, not something I usually go for. But it seems pretty calm and interesting. A little more cerebral from all the other tracks. Noisy-noises-gone-subdued fill the rest of the song, which I dug a lot. Reverb all over the place and a few good keys and guitar notes here and there.


Like I said, I don’t usually go for typical garage indie rock. It was a decent album, I could put it on once in a very long while. I think I might be okay with passing on them for Coachella.


Stay tuned for my next review: alt-j


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