Today’s Linkage – 03/06/2013

Good afternoon readers!

Here’s a few things I’ve read about today:

1. Squarepusher is to release a new EP! Here’s the link to the Warp records press release. It’s a EP with tracks pulled for his latest tour. And below, here’s the preview of one of the tracks


2. Buster Posey in a commercial for MLB 13 The Show: 


3. 99U is hiring freelance writers for their new blog! Check out the page.

4. So I post a lot about the parties going on here. Not sure if I will be going to this one, but DJ Dials, An-Ten-Nae and 1015 Folsom are throwing a pretty awesome party this weekend. Get your tix, or like 1015 Folsom on Facebook and share their status for a chance to win free tix!

5. Still haven’t done your taxes? Here’s a report from NPR on ‘Consumer Reports’ doing-taxes-online tips. I’ve already done mine, and I’m getting a FANTASTIC amount back!

6. This Op-Ed I actually have yet to read, but will get to eventually today. It’s called “There’s An App For Everything, And That’s a Problem”. What do you think? Leave your ideas in the comments.

7. At last, but certainly not least, it has come to my attention that today is a day to unite our communities to Spread the Word to End the Word. I wish I could explain what I feel on this topic, but my boyfriend’s aunt said it best:

Tomorrow! Please…for me, for my son, for his little sister, for all people with intellectual disabilities, and for those who love them. If you use the word “retard” or “retarded” as slang to mean anything negative, stop. If you hear others use it, please educate them. I vow today to speak up when I hear friends use this word, even when it is uncomfortable and even if it scares me to do so, because letting it go lets my son down and I cannot do that to him. If you feel so inclined, share this on your wall tomorrow because when we know better, we can do better. I believe many out there still do not know how this word hurts. Help Spread the Word to End the Word. Thank you ♥

Please spread this image and message, and make a change in the world!


Cheers, enjoy today everyone!



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