Six Months to Sexy Legs Review: Week 2

Hey all, I’ve recently purchased an exercise/fitness lifestyle book that focuses on legs! It’s called Six Months to Sexy Legs by Amy Chisholm. I’ve written a review about it earlier. (link here) Here’s my weekly review. I do these workouts about every other day–Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Saturday. I do cardio kickboxing and core/butt on Tuesdays and Thursdays in a group exercise class at the (paid) campus gym.

Saturday, March 2nd

Week 2! Managed to do most of this workout outside. Pretty intense, but felt good to be sore later. I incorporated some up-hill sprints to keep some cardio up. I did the calf extensions with a resistance tube wrapped around a pillar. Trying really hard not to give the whole workout away! But this one worked on calves a lot more, which is nice. I don’t have the strongest quads (yet!) so it was nice to change it up a little. Mostly calves and glutes! But, Amy does a really good job balancing it out for this week.

Wednesday, March 6

I managed to wake up at 7:30 this morning to work out! It was nice to workout in the sun; it’s been raining off and on here in San Francisco. Was completely not sore before I started the workout, and then things changed. It was fine. I even wore heeled boots the rest of the day. I need these sexy legs soon! Was not able to incorporate any cardio, but that’s okay. I’m a busy person.

Friday, March 8th

Last day of the week for this workout. I started my workout today with a 2 mile run just because I’ve been doing a lot of studying and I started my weekend early uh last night. ;) But it was nice to just run for a bit and let my body get back into a rhythm.

Tip: If you tend to run a treadmill and have a love-hate relationship with the tracker on it, I usually take a jacket or towel and cover it. This way, I’m not counting down, cutting short, or trying to measure myself too much. Just run.

I had a nice workout after, back at my house. Pretty sore mid-way and found myself hurting at that 10 brink. I usually hit that. Do you know what I mean? When I’m doing lunges or squats, And each set has to be 15 or 20, and I am TIRED, around 10 it starts to hurt and I give up. So to avoid the hurt that I was feeling, I took a short break and stretched for about 5 minutes. I did a lot of stretching both before my run and the leg workout, but I just listened to my body and it said to take a break, which I did!

It’s extremely important to push yourself, but to listen to your body when it needs you too. If you are still having a lot of pain going into week 3, I’m assuming you’re not stretching enough. I take my time stretching. Yes, I could be checking my phone or getting another set of crunches or lunges in, but I want my muscles to be toned properly.


On to week 3 either tomorrow, which I highly doubt because I’m planning a long run, or Sunday. Gotta keep this going. I haven’t been this committed to a workout regimen since a couple of semesters ago when I went to kickboxing every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. I’m still doing that by the way, just haven’t been this week because of school work.

Cheers, and stay fit!


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