Coachella 2013 Preppin’: BeardyMan

Hey all! I said I was going to blog about my journey through the Coachella lineup, and here I am! Doing it! Like last year, I randomly went through the artists and bands I was unfamiliar with and found some really great finds. I’m hoping to find some good ones again. See those colored words down there?? They’re links. (Yes! They are colors from the Coachella poster!) And I love you all enough to provide you with the appropriate Youtubes.

This post is on BeardyMan’s I Done An Album.

As of late, most of the Coachella preview posts I’ve done have been a first-listen experience sort of thing, which is cool and what I like to do. But this album, man, this album took me three listens to fully grasp it, to fully comprehend my feelings on it.

And this album is straight up  goofy. Goofy is good.

It’s a nice long 20-track album from London’s own UK Beatbox Champion BeardyMan.

Now, from the picture above, he looks like an alright guy. Well, if you don’t count the fedora. And if you double don’t count that it’s a plaid checkered fedora. And ALL that arm hair. And what is he saying? Is he explaining the shallowness of his beard and that he’s growing it out? Who knows, man. Okay…

I Done An Album is hilarious, fiesty, unique, flow-but-no-flow, basically a jumbley mess of autotune and beats and bass drops and craziness. If you’re into eclectic albums that are actually albums with a story, you should definitely take a listen to this gem. And by gem, I mean a scuffed up and graffiti-ed stone.

Where is the music, you say? Well, take a look at the video AND THE DESCRIPTION ON YOUTUBE for this track titled “Big Man”.

Yeah… I don’t know if I could’ve pulled this video from the pictured guy’s spirit. Or maybe I could. I hate judging like that. He’s cool in my book to bring this up. Definitely a throwback to Aphex Twin’s video for “Windowlicker”. WHICH IS BY FAR ONE OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE VIDEOS EVER. And I’m dumbfounded as to why I only recently watched it just several months ago even though I’ve listened to the music before…

Now here’s the part where I get to talk about why this is one of the first album-albums I’ve reviewed from Coachella so far: SKITS! I love albums with skits, ever since I listened to The Alchemist’s Chemical Warfare album in 2009. A great great album I have to say, such a nice compliment to have all those guest MCs. Anywho, if you liked that album as much as I did, you’ll enjoy the skit that happens right before this track. Essentially, BeardyMan makes fun of Justin Bieber. I won’t link a Youtubes here, I want you to go listen to THE ALBUM. A lot of the intermissions and skits included are sarcastic and satirical radio runs, very much the BBC Radio1 deejay voice. I am pretty sure all of the vox in this album are done and edited by BeardyMan.

How about the music of this guy? What does he do? Essentially, it’s hard to define. There’s a few tracks here and there that are very Huoratron-esque (I will post a post about Huoratron!! He will be at Coachella, and I was shown his music by my beefriend prior to the lineup being released), as well as Tron: Legacy soundtrack-esque (and the R3CONF1GUR3D album also!). Most of the tracks are loud bangers, lots of speedy beats–which always makes me feel like I’m in a video game of high speed and intensity and stuff–and there’s also some tracks that are calmer in a sense. Here are a few of the other highlights off of I Done An Album.

This one here is called “Sativa Steps”. One of the more mellows track on the album. It gives off the vibes of UK garage with a minimal twist, definitely a gritty and grimey feel to the sounds and flow. One of the ones that stuck.

This one here is for fans of the fast paced sounds of things like glitch hop, tech house, house in general, video game-y sounds and tunes. It’s called “Where Does Your Mind Go (Original)”. At first, I wasn’t sure of the vocals he did in this one. Very very angsty, they have that cult movie vibe feeling, but I do enjoy this track a lot I’ve figured. I could possibly include this in a running mix for the next series I want to work on… hmmm….????

If you’re into the fast and hectic sounds of early The Flashbulb and Squarepusher, you’ll dig this track, “Game Over, Latex Quim”.

And because I’m nice, here’s another calmer sounding track, but really, by now you should be downloading the album and listening to it on your own. This one is called “Brighton Beach 4:20”.



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