Hey there, Evernote! This is why you should hire me as an intern for Marketing Events.

I may or may not have just taken one of the biggest breaths of my life before typing this.

I want to be an intern at Evernote Corporation. I want to contribute to building and promoting one of my favorite things out in technology right now. I love using Evernote. I really do. I’ll be honest, I don’t know every single quirk to it, yet, but I know that this product is great. And that is the beauty of it! You use what you need, and as time runs along, you figure out more cool features that could be useful to you. I had to find a good alternative to Microsoft Office’s OneNote after purchasing a Macbook, and that’s when Evernote and I fell into sync.

Now, you’re asking, why Sophie?

I am passionate. If there is anything to describe me, my peers would say that when I want to do something, I will give it my all. I am eager to build a strong career, and to be able to do this, I want to be involved in things I love. I have tried applying to various basic marketing and PR internships where I know I would get the basics I need. But, I’ve (most of the time) just saved those cover letters, and have not sent them out. This is mostly because I know I can find something that would be a better fit. Both for the company, and for me and my career plans.

And finally, I have found an internship opportunity where I am so so anxious, and so so excited to apply to.

I want to be a Marketing Events intern because I know I can do it. And I know I have a lot to learn, and I really want to learn it, whatever it may be. With Evernote. This is all completely genuine desire. I have a dream to build a career in creating events–from weddings, to music events, to corporate events, to new product launches. I just have to test all the waters and figure out where my niche is. Moving to San Francisco in 2010 has helped me realize that I have a strong passion for technology, and that working in the the tech realm will be a fulfilling career. Being able to help Evernote with the annual conference will not only teach me what I desire to learn, and more!, but will also let me decide if I am a good fit for the technology world.

Here is the link to my portfolio page, where I have highlighted some blog posts and writings I have created for promotion of events I have worked on.

And please, poke around my blog! That is where the majority of my work is. I am more than happy to have a conversation about what I have written and produced.


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