Coachella 2013 Preppin’: C2C

Hey all! I said I was going to blog about my journey through the Coachella lineup, and here I am! Doing it! Like last year, I randomly went through the artists and bands I was unfamiliar with and found some really great finds. I’m hoping to find some good ones again. See those colored words down there?? They’re links. (Yes! They are colors from the Coachella poster!) And I love you all enough to provide you with the appropriate Youtubes.

Sexy men playing sexy music, a.k.a. C2C. I’m reviewing their 2012 album release Tetra.

C2C – via


C2C – Tetra (2012)


Let’s just say it right now: these guys make fucking good dance music.

And I can’t wait to dance. Dance dance dance.

The four boys are from France, and have created another great following in the realm of the turntablism scene. These guys all dj on the same table of four decks, they play off of each, messing with each other’s gear and yes the sing and play instruments themselves! Definitely the Glitch Mob of the French dance scene.

Honestly, the opening two tracks to Tetra are the best, in my opinion. They are so dancey, so groovy, so jivey, you can’t help but shimmy and shake.

Here’s the opener, and probably my favorite, “The Cell”.

Starts slow, with some flute (eh, it’s probably programmed) and progresses into a chiller, a great groovy dance song, filled with one of my favorite vocals as of late. If you’re familiar with the tunes of Pretty Lights, this definitely will remind you of them. But that’s okay! Cause C2C is still good and still their own. They are creative, and the entire album sounds pretty unique. One of my favorite things about Tetra is that all the songs are a little longer, from the 3:40 range and topping off at around 5 minutes. 

Here’s their most popular track, and second on the album, “Down The Road”.

If you’re familiar with RJD2 and some or most French house, and yes, I guess, Justice, you’ll love this one. So groovy, so fun. Harmonica ‘n all. Give it a listen, I’ll bet you’ll listen to it a few times in a row once you do.

And finally, here’s another track I found to love, “Because of You (feat. Pigeon John)”.

Starts with a twinkle, turns into a song with some r&b influence, with Pigeon John singing(?)(rapping????) over it (with it??). Reminding me of southern California vibes a little, jazzy dancing to be occurring when you hear this track.

Definitely seeing these guys. Will you?


Unfortunately I have to cut these posts a little shorter, I have so much to go through in less than 10 days!


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