Coachella 2013 Preppin’: TNGHT

Hey all! I said I was going to blog about my journey through the Coachella lineup, and here I am! Doing it! Like last year, I randomly went through the artists and bands I was unfamiliar with and found some really great finds. I’m hoping to find some good ones again. See those colored words down there?? They’re links. (Yes! They are colors from the Coachella poster!) And I love you all enough to provide you with the appropriate Youtubes.

Hello Internet. This post is on the incredible duo named TNGHT.

TNGHT = Lunice x Hudson Mohawke

Now if ya dun know, know ya know.

The duo are made up of two electronic prodigies, absolute masterminds in the music realm. These electronic producers have come together to make a stellar collaboration–bringing hip-hop back to my attention. Check out their July 2012 release, here on

Let’s just get started with the music right away, shall we? This is probably one of my favorite tracks of 2012; so dirty and so fun, here’s “Goooo.”

How enticing is that track? I remember when I saw Rustie a few months ago here in San Francisco, he dropped this and I went… berserk. A fantastic track to throw on the dancefloor, I had no other care in the world but to thrash. I’ll have you know my neck was incredibly, incredibly tired/sore/aching/strained after this set. And for a couple of days after. Such good electronic headbanging happening… -sigh- good memories…

(If you don’t know, Rustie is probably my favorite producer, besides Amon Tobin. His music was the first of its kind to bring my attention to dub-y glitch-y electronic music, ever. I instantly fell in love with the incredibly good music coming from all of the LuckyMe collective in Glasgow, Scotland. I had been in my sophomore year in high school and plagues myself with excellent post-hardcore/metal bands for quite some time, I was more than happy to let in some new tuneage into my life.)

Lunice reels from Montreal, Canada, and has a few shorter albums/longer EPs under his belt. A mastermind of mixing rap, hip-hop, and glitch electronic music, the boy has made a name for himself under the Warp Records label and the LuckyMe Records collective. I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to much of his music, but I know his name and I know what he’s done. The boy has some talent.

Doesn’t he just look like a precious little skater boy here? (Ehm, he probably is.) Canada in general has produced a lot of great electronic music (Kid Koala, Crystal Castles, Venetian Snares, Two Fingers [yes! Amon Tobin & Doubleclick are from the UK, but it’s cool, they count] [okay I guess Deadmau5 counts too]) and I am very proud that Lunice has made it into the LuckyMe & Warp crew.

Also, again, if you don’t know, I fell in love with the artists of the LuckyMe crew in 2009 when I first discovered Rustie, and have never looked back. All of the artists consistently put out music that I love, that I party to, that surprises other people by how unique it is.

Guess who else is part of the LuckyMe crew, and has releases on Warp Records? Yup, Hudson Mohawke.

This clever clever boy was the second producer I fell in love with when I began listening to electronic music from Europe; HudMo is from Glasgow, Scotland. He makes some of the most interesting electronic music to date, his aptitude of blending hip-hop, low dubbed female vocals, and crazy kicks and swerves , with a pop pop here & there, will blow your mind. I have linked one of my favorite tracks of his in a previous post, but here, I’ll show you another one.

That one is incredibly sultry, sexy, and full of my favorite sounds. AND MISSY ELLIOT ON IT TOO?! Can you get a better hip-hop remix?? I think… not.

Other than “Oooops!”, HudMo has several records and remixes out. You can expect consistently excellent music from the man, and when I found out about this collaboration, I was beyond stoked. It had been a while since HudMo produced something on his own, and I was willing to take what I could get.

When I finally listened to the 5 tracks TNGHT put out, I was so into it.

If you’re looking for more eccentric and along those “trap” lines, and by the way, I didn’t really look into the whole trap scene, but what I heard, I dropped my booty to the ground anyway because that’s who I am and I dance to things that make my ears and booty feel good, you will like this track. At 1:54, “Top Floor” is a great track to drop into a mixtape if you’re into the dramatics of UK garage and dub.

There’s also an extended version running around on YouTube, at just over three and a half minutes. Go check it out.

All in all, these guys will put on a great show. Both Lunice and Hudson Mohawke are crowd pleasers, having toured all over the world with other great names in the electronic music realm. I am SO SO SO excited to finally see Hudson live, after not being able to in 2011 when I first moved here to San Francisco where he was performing at a fantastic lineup with Mary Anne Hobbs, Kode9, and many others at 103 Harriet. -sigh-

I am definitely putting them on my gotta-see-them list for Coachella. Are you?


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