What did you do for Earth Day?

Yay Earth Day! Now, we all know every day should be Earth Day, that we should routinely think of the most efficient and eco-friendly ways of going about our day, but it is important to make an unconscious change TODAY.

Without remembering it was Earth Day (really, honestly!), I did these simple things:

  • We don’t have a compost bin in our kitchen, unfortunately, and I was looking to clear out old food, I really desired for one! Luckily, our apartment complex provides green Compost trash containers in our garbage area, and I decided to throw out old food and fruit and cuttings from veggies I was prepping for this week. I took them all out in a container I was looking to recycle. Two birds with one stone.
  • Washed celery and all my berries ahead of time for this week, in the same water! Now, this is common sense, but I took a bucket, ran it all in the same time, and saved a little bit of water. Also, the berries and celery are ready to go when I need them, no need to rewash!
  • Used that water and dumped it outside in our little backyard instead of down the drain. This was not really “new” and “eco” but I decided to give the Earth some water because it is actually hot here in San Francisco! And I know that the sprinklers do not reach that area…
  • Saving the peels and leftovers from my lunch to compost later… I really should consider getting a compost bin!

What did you do new today!


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