Afternoon Thoughts + Linkage

What happened to the warm weather?!?

Sigh, it’s okay.

Hey all, hope you’re having a productive Tuesday. It is, yes, just a Tuesday.

Good day at work so far, and now I’m in my macroeconomics class. I’m paying attention, I promise.

Found a great PR internship posted yesterday that I plan on applying to by the end of the day. It is for a new product/company called Soft Cities that manufactures maps, on fabric! Blankets, napkins, etc. It’s still a new company, and I am eager to get an opportunity to help out this new company.

Sure, I could be applying to a bigger company, but from the description, it sounds like I will be able to get hands-on, learn a lot, and get great perks and insight into the world of PR and marketing. Wish me luck!

I’ve been thinking lately that I would like to work more on my creative writing, and the way I could do this is by doing the Daily Prompt from WordPress more often… I did a few posts earlier in my blogging career, but I should get back into it. Do you have any tips for sticking with a routine? That is one problem I have, sticking with something and not getting bored with it. I know the answer is simple: just do it. But, it’s hard to stay motivated. I guess I have to just push, push, push and think of the benefits that will come in the future, and the satisfaction I will have from writing and reading more.

Continuing the diet cleanse I am in, today I had a banana and a parfait. Yumm! Perfect amount, I dunno what I was thinking needing a ham & cheese croissant so often…

For lunch I bought a burrito. Okay okay a little cheating! I told myself no tortillas, but I was in a hurry. I need to spend more time packing food and cooking at home. But I got a spinach flavored tortilla with black beans, grilled veggies, hot salsa, lettuce, and grilled chicken. Yum! And I saved half of it for later. Also had an orange. And I’m full. Happily.

Will have the rest of the burrito later, and a small salad and hard boiled egg for dinner after my cardio kickboxing class tonight.

Here’s some cool things I found on the internet today:

And my favorite GIF of the day:

From a post by Bay Area Sports Guy


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