Life is moving… fast!

Hey guys, just a quick check-in.

Life has been pretty busy, even after a superbly relaxing weekend. Excellent turn out at the FNA fashion show last Thursday, Runway 2013: Ignite!. Great audience of over 600 people! Excellent raffle prizes and of course, beautifully brilliant designs by the ADM designers! If I could wear them all, I would! I’ll link you to a post-show coverage post from the FNA blog soon. AKA when I or someone else gets around to writing it…

On the topic of school… I have been getting great feedback on the work I’ve turned in lately. I have been working harder on editing my writing. I have also been studying more. Which has been great! Although I completely forgot about one assignment that was due last Friday… ): Too preoccupied! I knew I had a planner for something… Have to check it more often!

But the big news of the day: I got a PR internship! Yay me!

I will be working on research and PR for Soft Cities, a great new company that produces excellent, custom made maps, on blankets or napkins! Or what we call “Mapkins”! They’re great for gifts, or just having a completely unique item around the house. This is a great opportunity, and I am so glad that I have finally found one that I am passionate about. Since this is a new company, I will be able to be deeply involved in the work, rather than doing more secretarial tasks. Hopefully I will succeed and you’ll be hearing all about Soft Cities soon!

Take a look at the product:

If you haven’t purchased a gift for your lovely lady in your life yet (Mother’s Day is coming up!), gift her a gift certificate towards a Soft Cities product. She’ll love it!


It’s great feeling busy. I’m sure I’ll regret that statement once in a while, but no, I really like the feeling of accomplishing something and building up my life. I’ve spent days with no focus and no drive, and finally seeing the things I pursue come together has been a real boost–and reality check–to living a life I love. I’m also doing my best to graduate in a year! I’m very close to staying one semester, but the fate of taking two exams and maybe a CCSF online class this summer will allow me to graduate on time. We’ll see.

I was going to participate in a fashion show this weekend, but unfortunately will have to spend more time studying on the weekends now that I have this internship. Which is fine! I had a great time this past weekend–enjoying Dolores Park, spending quality time with my other half, and being lazy.  BUT about the fashion show: it is a collaboration with United Way and Mayor Ed Lee. It is a Summer Jobs Youth Resource Fair,. Open to all youth, the fashion show will present work-appropriate outfits and attire, with a flair, for the younger generation, to inspire and motivate them to dress well and appropriately. I might still work on it, but I have a lot of studying to do. Let me know if you are interested! It happens in downtown SF.

Just 3 weeks and then the semester comes to an end! YAY. I really can’t wait to read a bunch this summer, exercise a lot, and spend a good amount of time in this internship. Getting stuff done feels great. :)

Wish me luck!


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