Afternoon thoughts + linkage

Here’s what I was reading about this morning & afternoon:

  • I’m always wondering how to successfully balance school, work, social life, blogging, and now that I have a PR internship, more work. And that’s okay, I like being busy! But how do I organize all these things and still have a relatively consistent blogging schedule? I always just end up procrastinating, and although reading this article might have been a little bit of that, it was the mini-reality check I needed. It taught me that I needed to realize that I do have to cut a little bit more into social time to plan and write creatively to have a successful blog. Here’s the article from IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers).

  • I hope everyone was excited about the outfits at the Met Gala last night! I was all smiles at the PUNK theme when I was browsing galleries this morning. Here’s one of the more complete ones on The Daily Beast. Although, I think my favorite look of the night was Elizabeth Banks, featured in Refinery29. Here’s what she wore:

  • The Coveteur also had excellent coverage of Minka Kelly and Olivia Wilde. Minka definitely has the 2nd spot on my best dressed list! I also really liked Kristen Stewart and Hailee Steinfield. You can see those in the Refinery29 link above. Rosie had a great outfit as well, but I thought Kate Upton looked DRAB. I was aching for a mirror of Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet when she was nominated for Winter’s Bone. A lovely and sexy red dress, but not too revealing, would’ve been excellent for Kate. After a while, I actually thought it was refreshing to see Anne Hathaway blonde. Was a real “in-your-face” to everyone who says she’s too perfect and pristine.

  • More fashion news: BCBG, Ella Moss, and James Perse sample sale (sizes 0-12) at Fort Mason this Saturday, from 10am-3pm. Strongly thinking about going, but I should be saving money… but up to 70% off…. sigh, decisions. Here’s the link.

  • Last night while I was Tumblring (I was only on for like TWO minutes, I swore I would be on less often, and I did) I saw these great illustrations of Disney characters in University mode. I really quite liked it! Here’s the gallery on DeviantArt.

  • If you have a phone running Android 4.2, take a gander at this lock screen app/widget called DashClock. Really sleek and useful.

  • More tech! RunKeeper for Pebble!

  • And FINALLY. Ever since I got my dad an iPad Mini, I’ve been craving one myself. Of course, I probably won’t get one for another 6 mos-year because I have other places that money could go, but I might just consider a Retina version that is supposedly coming out in the fall. Take a read at this TechCrunch article about it.


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